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Addition of busybox 1.2.1 as a mindi-busybox new package
This should avoid delivering binary files in mindi not built there (Fedora and Debian are quite serious about that)

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3<h3>Related Sites</h3>
5<br><a href=""></a>
6<br><a href="">uClibc++</a>
7<br><a href="">udhcp</a>
8<br><a href="">buildroot</a>
9<br><a href="">Scratchbox</a>
10<br><a href="">OpenEmbedded</a>
11<br><a href="">uCdot</a>
12<br><a href="">LinuxDevices</a>
13<br><a href="">Slashdot</a>
14<br><a href="">Freshmeat</a>
15<br><a href="">Linux Today</a>
16<br><a href="">Linux Weekly News</a>
17<br><a href="">Linux HOWTOs</a>
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