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3list_of_NFS_devices_and_mounts  should allocate memory
6MONDO TODO            Hugo Rabson <>              07/04/2004
9Newer stuff
10- implement "disk-to-disk copying" feature
11- include mini X server on diskettes
12- backup levels (1-9)
14Important stuff
15- Webmin support?
17Groovy ideas
18- get it working with devfs totally - none of this 'backward compatbility' #!$@
19- add encryption option (so that the archives will be encrypted)
21Other ideas
22- (JH) give mondo-archive a "disk usage" counter (display)
23- (JH) better 'free space needed' calculation in mondo-archive
26- thoroughly document each script & its function, in the source code
27- flowchart everything; save in PostScript & publish on web
31- write a TODO file :-)
32- write a CHANGES file
33- proper command-line switches
34- more switches/options
35- make switches and '--help' user-friendly
36- make it possible to burn CDs straight from script, if user wants to
37  (using the '--call-after-iso <call>' switch)
38- well, implement some, to start with :-) <-- command-line switches
39- make it possible to write to CDRW disks directly from script,
40  prompting for disk change <-- using '--call-make-iso <call>' switch
41- clean up the scripts, esp. mondo-archive, its "MakeTarballsAndImages"
42  routine and the main loop
43- release a stable copy w/no known bugs & declare v0.90 (it's about time)
44  ...well, one problem reported w/user's BASH but I'm working on that ;)
45- rewrite filelist splitter (parallelize it)
46    - MakeAllFilelists &
47    - while [ "`ps MakeAllFilelists`' is running ] || [ "filelist.N+1" exists ] ; do
48        WaitForFilelist N
49        MakeSet N
50      done
51- directly support CDRs in kernel and scripts (?)
52    - to burn a CD after creating the ISO image, use
53        --call-after-iso "cdrecord ... ; eject /dev/cdrom" etc.
54    - I'm not sure if the kernel has all the necessary features compiled
55      into it; I'm looking into it.
56- write a 'man' page <----- type 'mondo-archive --help'
57- verify ISO archives against filesystem, to make sure there's no corruption
58- verify ISO filelists against original filelist, to make sure all files were
59  backed up that should have been, and none were backed up that shouldn't
60- parallelized filelist-creation and -tarballing, to improve speed
61- added --verify option, to give LOTS more confidence in archives
62- mailing list? <----- now possible, thanks to SourceForge (underway)
63- write a proper README / quickstart file
64- better self-checking for prep-me
65- make kernel modular; include modules in tarball, to be put on CD
66- multi-volume backup/restore <-- works well! :-) [v0.916]
67- easier installation from tarball
68- faster code, esp. 'set-chopper'
69- proper '--help' thingy
70- better mondo-archive and mondo-restore progress reports
71- offer to restore MBRs for user
72- give user the option of _not_ wiping all hard drives
73- let user choose which files to restore (e.g. restore-me /mnt/dos)
74- finally, Mondo uses SYSLINUX instead of COMMAND.COM (thanks, Steve Pitts)
75- hack user's restored lilo.conf and fstab to reflect the mountlist, if the
76  user has modified it;
77- let user amend mountlist semi-automatically to reflect larger/smaller hard
78  drives than original (useful for moving files from one hard drive to another)
79  ...part of check-mountlist-sanity
80- mondo-restore ----- edit mountlist (using pico)
81- Mondo now uses afio instead of tar
82- mondo-archive now much more sensible when sending info between processes
83- make Mondo distro-independent
84- save&restore all boot sectors automatically (MBRs remaining optional)
85- release RPMs and tarballs at same time
86- mondo-restore --- verify disk copy after extracting from archive
87- chop large files into blocks; reassemble them at restore-time
88- MD5 checksum for every file, inc. chopped-up files
89- remove '[' from overhead-list; put list of required packages on web page
90- make sure user knows --skip-spacetest is AT OWN RISK
91- replace instances of 'cat | grep' with just plain 'grep'
92- concatenate all fileset lists; compare to original filelist.full
93- compare mode: nondestructive comparison of filesystem with Rescue CD
94- better verify-progress feedback [Verifying 5/107]
95- hdX2,3,4 layout now works OK at backup and restore time! W00H00! :-)
96- fix Win98 boot sector kludge problem
97- speed up mondo-checksum (thanks, Fabrice!)
98- to save some time & space, do not pad the ISO image
99- build and burn CDs with one command
100- support CDRW drives
101- support SCSI hard drives
102- write straight to CD-R by calling mondo-archive w/correct params
103- use optional 2nd floppy to support extras modules, inc. SCSI hard drives
104- only let Mondo run as root
105- recompile kernel + modules for i386
106- added ReiserFS support
107- amalgamated the Mondo RPMs/TGZs into a single ball
108- let user incorporate their own kernel and tools (thanks to Mindi!)
109- Linux 2.4 kernel support
110- add XFS support
111- add ext3 support
112- add JFS support
113- add ReiserFS support
114- give comprehensive restore-time feedback (not just '%done')
115- pipe mkisofs to cdrecord, saving a lot of disk space & some time
116- add Windows ME and Windows 2000 support (VFAT only)
117- make the SRPM recompile Mondo's C programs
118- RAID support
119- make it possible to use an NFS-mounted partition as scratch/iso dir
120- write a proper manual
121- add Red Hat LABEL support (/etc/fstab)
122- record '%age full' of each partition at backup-time
123- newt/ncurses interface would be cool
124- implement user-friendly mountlist editor
125- progress screen (mondo-tarme)
126- check that the partitions will fit on the hard drives
127- verify ISO after creating if (if user uses '--verify')
128- verify CD after burning if (if user uses '--verify')
129- support parallel-port CD writers
130- support tape drives
131- test with Red Hat 7.2
132- incremental/differential backup mode
133- add GRUB support
134- make it possible to backup and restore partitions of an unknown type
135- incorporate busybox-0.60-2
136- put data disks on tape, so that tape users only need 1 floppy + tape
137- text mode
138- add "NFS" boot option
139- drop trailing slashes from all params of --exclude-path
140- add Petris :)
141- Tab-format fstab after 'hacking' it
142- Interactive Mode should let the user choose which partitions to format
143- add an "exclude path?" dialog to Interactive Mode
144- re-enable CD verification
145- if creation/format fails, go back to mountlist editor
146- let user choose which partitions to format
147- port mondo-archive entirely to C
148- if -E /dev/xxx then exclude _device_ from mountlist but don't exclude
149  /dev file from filelist
150- rewrite the "is tape there?" test: if 'V' then RO test; if 'O' then RW test
151- allow mondorestore to be used to restore to live filesystems
152- add /proc/cpuinfo to logfile
153- enable Ctrl-C --> abort in mondoarchive and mindi
154- write a 'man' page
155- test w/multiple tapes
156- an easy-to-use interface to Mondo-archive which does a lot of the
157  fiddly configurating for you
158- if Compare Mode then popup list of /tmp/changed.files
159- only zero drive /dev/hdXn if /dev/hdX1 is being prepped
160- if differential backup then disable nuke at restore-time
161- write X-based front end to mondoarchive/mondorestore (XMondo)
162- added partimagehack to Mondo (freeloader - you know who you are - please
163  quit being a dick)
164- put serial# on each CD/tape
165- give Mondo+Mindi a CVS
166- add parted
167- Ian Mortimer's spec patches
168- encourage -X
172- detect size of CDR automatically (I don't know how)
173- allow user to choose archive engine besides tar (e.g. star, cpio)
174  ...tar sucked; star _really_ sucked; cpio, forget it; I chose afio in the end
175  because it was the only engine which I knew would work. I've used it for
176  years w/o any problems. Tar has been nothing but a headache.
177- split up mondo-archive's functionality into separate scripts, so that it will
178  be possible to backup files, do something else, then archive it, etc.etc.
179  ...too much trouble; no incentive to do it; no-one asked me to :)
180- pseudocode
181  ...why bother? If bash scripts are too complicated for you, try COBOL...
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