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Last change on this file since 3522 was 3522, checked in by Bruno Cornec, 4 years ago

Important mindi modifications to share ISO and USB code

  • Remove the need for BOOT_SIZE variable now computed automatically
  • Share more params in ISO_OPT
  • Rename TurnTgzIntoRdz? into MakeBootInitFile?
  • Remove sages of old_pwd and cd in functions. if a need to change directory then do it in a subshell especially in PrepareDataDiskImages? and MakeBootInitFile?
  • Remove function ListImagesForUser?
  • Fix a bug related to list analysis with echo where the variable needs to be transformed into list before processing
  • Simplify OfferToMakeBootableISO and OfferToMakeBootableUSB to just deal with interactivity and parameter handling and create a shared function MakeBootableDevice? with a parameter for special treatment. This will allow to fix broken USB support and to avoid that type of issue in the future
  • Suppress as well PrepareBootDiskImage? as content is now supported in the shared MakeBootableDevice?
  • Improve on screen and in log file messages
  • Property svn:executable set to *
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2# Example of mindi configuration file
4# $Id$
6# Force these modules to be loaded at restore time first, in that order:
7# FORCE_MODS="cciss hpsa"
9# Prevent these module to be loaded at all at restore time
10# DENY_MODS="kqemu vxfen fdomain ipmi_si"
12# EXTRA_SPACE=80152     # increase if you run out of ramdisk space
13# MINDI_ADDITIONAL_BOOT_PARAMS="devfs=nomount noresume selinux=0 barrier=off udevtimeout=10 acpi=off"
14# MINDI_DEFAULT_BOOT_OPTION="interactive ipconf=eth0:"
15# PROMPT_MAKE_CD_IMAGE="no" # Avoid interactive question about CD creation
16# PROMPT_MAKE_USB_IMAGE="no"    # Avoid interactive question about USB key creation
17# USBDEVICE="/dev/sdg"      # If you activated the previous option then you need to provide a device drive for the USB key
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