source: branches/3.2/mindi-busybox/testsuite/du/du-k-works @ 3186

Last change on this file since 3186 was 2725, checked in by Bruno Cornec, 9 years ago
  • Update mindi-busybox to 1.18.3 to avoid problems with the tar command which is now failing on recent versions with busybox 1.7.3
File size: 209 bytes
1mkdir du.testdir
2cd du.testdir
3dd if=/dev/zero of=file1 bs=1k count=64 2>/dev/null
4dd if=/dev/zero of=file2 bs=1k count=16 2>/dev/null
5test x"`busybox du -k .`" = x"80    ." \
6  -o x"`busybox du -k .`" = x"88    ."
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