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  • Adds 3 binaries called potentially by udev o support USB key mount at restore time (Victor Gattegno)
  • mindi only sets the boot flag of a USB device if none is present already (should avoid flip/flop situation)
  • Fix a compatibility bug in analyze-my-lvm whete exclude lists with '|' was incorrectly analyzed (' ' still expected)
  • Precise that -J is not supported by mondorestore yet.
  • Fix a compatibility bug in mindi where exclude lists with '|' was incorrectly analyzed (' ' still expected)
  • Install an MBR on USB devices when possible
  • Improve error message in case mondorestore isn't found
  • Adds support for more virtio devices for KVM restore
  • Improve mbr.bin handling
  • Fix an issue in test of FindKernel? for Xen and non Xen cases
    • Fix #492 by removing an extra useless fi
    • Move fvat nd fat modules to CDROM_MODS in order to have them in the initrd to support saving logs to a USB device e.g.
    • Fix an error when dmidecode reports comments before system name
    • Fix previous broken patch on comment management for bkphw
    • Improve msgs printed during kbd analysis
    • Fix a small remaining pb with new comment support
    • Try to again improve the mount/umount stuff in mondo -Adds mention to OEL, CentOS, ScientifLinux? as RHEL clones
  • Fix a panadoid_free done on the wrong variable (solve a memory leak)
  • Solve #495 by skipping the potential (auto-read-only) when analyzin /proc/mdstat result
  • Fix some markup in man pages
  • adds the post-nuke script sample for Debian (Guillaume Pernot/Andrée? Leidenfrost)
  • Avoid a useless umount when changing of afio set, let insist_on_cd check and perform if needed
  • Copy everything under .ssh of root account to allow for sshfs mount without passwd at restore time.
  • Adds support for bnx2i driver
  • Try to fix #496 by supporting the protocol in the output of the mount command (sshfs#...)
  • Uses the -d option of the mount command to avoid leaving loop devices in use. Probably provoked by the usage of a more recent busybox, but anyway that option doesn't hurt, and does nothing for non-loop devices. Should fix the problems reported on the ML with NFS and more than 8 ISO images (8 being the default number of loop devices available)
  • Attempt to fix #436 by adding some newtDrawForm where appropriate.
  • Fix bugs in the kernel detection routine of mindi (some echo were done without capturing their output, confusing the return). This should also help the Xen detection issue
  • Change the logging function to be nearer from 2.2.10, and start using some
  • Initialize some global fields with an empty string, now that newt Draws more regularly progress forms
  • Mindi progression still not good, but showing now 3% when calling mindi. Would need a specific handling for the progress bar to evolve more afterwards
  • Add compatibility with the latest SSSTK + PSP content for HP ProLiant? + branding homogeneous now. We only take conrep out of the SSSTK pending a package availability. Using hpacuscripting now. Review of parameters called following test made.
  • Fix #501 by pushing BOOT_SIZE to 36864 for certain Ubuntu cases
  • Fix some remaining inconsistencis in the ProLiant? HW backup. ready for usage.
  • Fix an issue on udevadm call (needs an intermediate variable)
  • Fix a remaining ProLiant? tool call
  • Remove again some wrong variable initialization for Net in order to not have strange messages now we call Draw more often
  • Adds support for hwaddr (MAC addresses) at restore time, and map to the correct NIC if it's found at restore time (based on code from Stefan Heijmans)
  • Try to Fix #499 by changing init in order to never exit, and rebooting using sysrq in /proc (not portable). Maybe should move to using a real init, and a separated rcS script.
  • Fixes the shell msg error by using setsid as per Busybox FAQ
  • Fix #491 by correctly checking Xen kernel used for a dom0 env (apollo13)
  • Improves logging in Die()
  • Improve again ProLiant? HW support, by adding references to the yet to come SSSTK rpm so that conrep is called at its future right place.
  • Improve mindi support for kernel 3.x
  • Fix #499 for good, by using a real init from busybox and moving our init script to etc/init.d/rcS. We also now call the reboot from busybox to exit, which indeed reset the system correctly (in a VM at least which wasn't the case before). Reauires a new mindi-busybox as well.
  • Attempt to solve #503 by handling /lib64 separately for udev and only if not a link (to /lib) for Ubuntu 64
  • Improve again previous tests for bug #503
  • Improve -d option description for NFS
  • Allow http download for ftp content
  • New italian mirror
  • Fix #505 by documenting environment variables
    • Fix a bug where on OBDR mode compression was turned off to create the OBDR content but not back on (report from the mailing list)
  • solve by Victor Gattegno
  • Fix #524 as option -U needs a size also
  • Removes useless gendf option
  • Fix #511 now stabgrub is called also after conf file modifications
  • Adds support for SUID binaries
  • remove a useless xenkernelname variable from mindi
  • Should fix #512 by clearing old scratchdir before changing to a new
  • Simplify the function engaging SCSI for Smart Array controllers, and support as many controller as we have
  • Add some binaries used on SLES 10 by udev
  • Fix a syntax issue in newt-specific.c
  • Fix a memory free bug where a used variable was freed to early
  • Fix a memory free bug where a used variable was misused in asprintf/free
  • Fix #498 by using an external program (hpsa_obdr_mode) which can set the mode of the tape to CD-ROM or Sequential at will.

That program will have to be downloaded from

  • Adds support for the route command in mindi-busybox
  • Force block size back to 32768 in OBDR mode after skipping the 2 tape marks, to read the additional rootfs data corerctly - Fix #498 for good it seems
  • Adds support for a new pata_atiixp driver
  • Fix #525 and improve printing when no /etc/raidtab, but still md devices
  • Exclude /run similarly to /sys and /proc
  • Fix a bug in mindi when having multiple swap partiions with same starting string (/dev/dm-1 and /dev/dm-16). We now add a space in the grep to avoid mischoice.
  • Fix grub installation if we had to go in the hack part which wasn't using the correct variables to make decisions !
  • Remove all mention of from code
  • Fix some website typo on the download page and precise that we now develop on Mageia
  • Exclude sysfs devpts and tmpfs partitions found in RHEL 6.2 from analyze by mindi (made error messages)
  • Force activation of first partition which should not be optional as everything is destroyed before
  • Fix a bug in analyze-my-lvm where LVs were created in random order (the one of lvscan) instead of using the dm-xxx order, which creates issues at restore time between the mapping created then and the one we had at backup time which could be inconssistent

-mondoarchive now exists if the mt command is missing when needed

  • Proper fix for analyze-my-lvm
  • Fix #500 and #473 by adding support of old metadata format for mdadm if using grub < 0.9x or lilo on a md boot device (to be tested)
  • Really never inject or eject when the -e option is passed or device is inappropriate (USB, Net, ...)
  • Fix #577 by having factor back as a float (not a long ! it's a decimal value) and making the appropriate cast.
  • Fix #578 by improving the regexp used for CD/DVD detection with -scanbus option
  • Adds more verbosity when LVM creation fails.
  • Fix #579 by checking with pipes on both sides of the string
  • debugfs should be excluded from the device considered for fstab analysis
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88    ServerName
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90    DocumentRoot /prj/www/html/mondorescue
91    CustomLog /var/log/httpd/ combined
92    Errorlog /var/log/httpd/
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109    ServerName
110    ServerAlias
111    ServerAdmin
112    DocumentRoot /prj/www/html/mondorescue
113    CustomLog /var/log/httpd/ combined
114    Errorlog /var/log/httpd/
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