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  • Split deplist.txt into multiple conf files under deplist.d in the conf dir. This will allow to have a minimal.conf file for initrd content to analyze to improve support of new embedded feature in the future (sshfs, live install). The other conf files contain the additional commands to put in the all.tar.gz. For the moment, mindi is still working the same. THis infra will allow that support in a near future. deplist.txt is now reserved for the admin additional commands.
  • Property svn:keywords set to Id
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1# $Id: deplist.txt 2409 2009-09-18 13:25:35Z bruno $
3# NB:
4# 1. Directories are allowed. Their contents will be included by Mindi.
5# 2. If you put 'libncurses' (w/o quotation marks) on an uncommented line then
6#    Mindi will find /lib/libncurses* and include all matching files.
7# 3. You recommend that you give an absolute path name
8# 4. If you want to add something, just add it on its own line. K.I.S.S.
9# 5. You must _not_ put a semicolon & comment after an entry. e.g. 'foo; #bar'.
11#------------------------- STUFF ADDED BY THE USER ----------------------------
12#---vvvv     vvvv     vvvv  list your stuff here!  vvvv     vvvv     vvvv
15#---^^^^     ^^^^     ^^^^  list your stuff here!  ^^^^     ^^^^     ^^^^
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