source: branches/2.2.10/mindi/mindi.conf @ 2460

Last change on this file since 2460 was 2460, checked in by Bruno Cornec, 11 years ago
  • Adds a conf file example for mindi and fix #360 + mode of file
  • Apply path from Matthew Cline ( in order to fix #359
  • Adds support for libcrc32c (needed by bnx2x)
  • afio is under /bin on Debian
  • Fix an error in the test for grub conf files (or used instead of and)
  • Fix a bug in handling of -E option with real devices (bad report in function mr_make_devlist_from_pathlist of the test between -E and -I)
  • CIFS mounts shouldn't be part of the mountlist analysis (should help solving #288)
  • Property svn:executable set to *
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2# Example of mindi configuration file
4# $Id$
6# FORCE_MODS="crc_ccitt crc_ccitt"
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