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1MONDO CHANGES                                                       2005-11-05
3v2.06 (xxx)
4- better error handling of failed commands/mindi (Andree Leidenfrost)
5- fix compiler warnings (Andree Leidenfrost)
6- -p improvements for NFS/PXE/ISO modes (Bruno Cornec)
7- support of default route and netmask for PXE/NFS (Bruno Cornec)
8- fix for restoring mondo backups on md-raid systems (Philippe De Muyter)
9- remove excessive 'cat' commands (Philippe De Muyter)
10- fix to force growisofs to use speed=1 for DVD burning (Philippe De Muyter)
11- now handles cifs correctly (Bruno Cornec)
12- fix issue where mondoarchive ejects CD/DVD despite writing iso images
13  (Andree Leidenfrost)
14- Add -P option to df calls (Andree Leidenfrost/Chuan-kai Lin)
15- fix usage of joint -B and -m options (Andree Leidenfrost/Efraim Feinstein)
16- Quadrupled ARBITRARY_MAXIMUM from 500 to 2000 for mondorestore's filebrowser
17  (Andree Leidenfrost)
18- remove the renice of mondoarchive (Hugo Rabson)
19- relocate what was under /usr/share to /usr/lib (FHS compliance)
20  (Bruno Cornec/Andree Leidenfrost)
21- manage non ambiguous delivery under /usr (packages) or /usr/local (tar ball)
22  (Bruno Cornec)
23- disable x11 build by default (Bruno Cornec)
24- remove sbminst (Bruno Cornec/Andree Leidenfrost)
26v2.05 (2005-11-19)
27- -p options works better for NFS cases  (Bruno Cornec)
28- ia64 is now working for rhel3  (Bruno Cornec)
29- delivery process to BerliOS improved (Bruno Cornec)
30- now handles cifs correctly (Bruno Cornec)
33- Add -p option to generate ISO images file names with prefix. The new default
34  name for ISO images is mondorescue-1.iso, ... For PXE environment, you have
35  to use the prefix option on the command line (read README.pxe)
36  (Bruno Cornec)
37- Mandrake 2005 support (Bruno Cornec)
38- NFS patches (Yann Aubert <>)
39- mondorestore shouldn't now ask final questions with -H
40  (this is an unattended mode) (Bruno Cornec)
43- made mondo more clever about finding its home. Avoids mondo considering
44  directories like '/usr/share/doc/momdo' as its home.
48- better SLES8 support
49- test user-specified temp dir's sanity
53- instead of using 'dd' to erase partition table, delete existing
54  partitions w/ the same call to fdisk that is used to create the
55  new partitions; this should avoids locking up the partition table
56- set bootable partition in the above same call to fdisk, for
57  the same reason (avoids locking up the partition table)
58- better software RAID support
59- mount ext3 partitions as ext2 when restoring - better for Debian
60- better star, ACL support
61- added ACL, xattr support for afio users
65- fixed cvs for SuSE systems
66- fixed NTFS backup/restore bug relating to partimagehack
67  log file overflow and NTFS v non-NTFS differentiation
68- more reliable extraction of config info from CDs, floppies
69- better support of ISO dirs at restore-time (Conor Daly)
73- first 2.0 release
74- updated grub-install.patched to support SuSE and Red Hat
75- added kdelibs as xmondo dependency (Joshua Oreman)
76- better find_cdrom_device(), to cope w/ multiple CD writers
77- added xmondo pixmap installation
78- fixed -m and -Vc flags
79- fixed NTFS support!
80- bootable CD uses native, not El Torito, support now
81- added -devel package
82- made xmondo a second package
83- added ability to specify --without xmondo at build time
84- Clean up, added spanish translation
85- Set prefix to be /usr
86- added/fixed Requires
87- remove CVS directories prior to building
88- added 2.6 kernel support
89- if 2.6 kernel, insist that the user specify CD device
90- drop Embleer; insist on ms-sys and parted if Windows partition
91- added support for boot/root multi floppies
92- call 'mt' to set block size to 32K before opening in/out tape
93- updated mondo-prep.c to create each disk's partitions all at once
94  (one call per drive) instead of one call to fdisk per partition
95- when extracting cfg file and mountlist from all.tar.gz (tape copy),
96  use block size of INTERNAL_TAPE_BLK_SIZE, not TAPE_BLOCK_SIZE
97- added star and rudimentary SELinux support
98- fixed lots of bugs
99- all logging now goes to /var/log/mondo-archive.log, with symlink to
100  /tmp/mondo-restore.log for restore-time log-tracking
101- added grub-install.patched
102- removed embleer & other binaries
103- added '-b' to specify block size
104- added '-R' for star support
108- fixed chmod/chown bug (Jens Richter)
109- ask user to confirm NFS mountpoint in Interactive Mode
110- rewritten format_everything() to make sure LVMs, RAIDs and
111  regular partitions are prepped in the correct order
112- better magicdev support
113- rewritten external binary caller subroutine
114- DVD support added
115- better backup-time control gui; offer to exclude nfs if appl.
116- fixed multi-tape support
117- re-implemented -D and -J
118- fixed bug in extract_config_file_from_ramdisk() which
119  affected tape+floppy users
120- updated is_incoming_block_valid() to make it
121  return end-of-tape if >300 flotsam blocks
122- unmount CD-ROM before burning (necessary for RH8/9)
123- fixed some stray assert()'s
124- fixed bug in grub-MR (Christian)
125- make user remove floppy/CD before restoring interactively from tape
126- fixed bug in am_I_in_disaster_recovery_mode()
127- added code to nuke_mode() to make sure NFS
128  (backup) share is mounted in Nuke Mode
129- improved tape device detection code
130- better GRUB support
131- better logging of changed bigfiles at compare-time
132- better NTFS support, thanks to partimagehack-static
133- better logging
134- rewrote tape-handling code, breaking compatibility w/ previous versions
135- fixed ISO/CD biggiefile verification bug in mondoarchive
136- fixed bug which stopped boot/compare-time changelist from popping up
137- replaced mondo-makefilelist with C code - faster, cleaner
138- tweaked GUI - better feedback
142- fixed biggiefile atime/ctime restoration bug 73
143- fixed 'default boot loader' detection bug (Joshua Oreman)
144- use single-threaded make_afioballs_and_images() if FreeBSD
145- fixed mondoarchive -Vi multi-CD verify bug (Tom Mortell)
146- superior get_phys_size_of_drive() (Joshua Oreman)
147- fixed RAID-related bug in where_is_root_mounted()
148- ISO tweaks
149- fixed silly bug in load_filelist() which stopped
150  funny German filenames from being handled properly
151- misc fixes (Michael Hanscho's friend)
152- added rudimentary support for SME
153- added better label support
154- fixed various calls to popup_and_get_string()
155- fixed spec file
156- reject -E /
157- added partimagehack to the mix
161- mark relevant partitions as bootable _after_ unmounting them
162- resolve boot device (-f) if softlink
163- post_param_configuration() --- store iso-dev and isodir
164- added post-nuke-sample.tgz to package
165- Nuke Mode now checks mountlist against hardware; offer user
166  opportunity to edit mountlist if insane; if user declines, abort
167- added lots of assert()'s and other checks
168- ran code thru Valgrind to catch & fix some memory leaks
169- made mondo-restore.c smaller by moving some subroutines to
170  common/libmondo-raid.c and mondorestore/mondo-rstr-compare.c
171- added '-Q' flag, to let user test mondoarchive's ability
172  to find their boot loader and type
173- improved which_boot_loader()
174- when burning or comparing to a CD, defeat autorun if it is
175  running, to avoid confusing mondoarchive and the user
176- if original backup media no longer available at boot-time
177  then offer user chance to choose another media source
178- when booting, type 'nuke noresize' to nuke w/o resizing
179  mountlist to fill your drives
180- add 'textonly' when booting, to avoid using Newt gui
181- run nice(20) to prioritize mondoarchive at start
182- don't pause and wait for next blank CD at backup-time
183  unless necessary (e.g. previous CD has not been removed)
184- get_phys_size_of_drive() --- better support of older drives
185- don't eject if "donteject" is in kernel's command line
186- cleaned up segfault-handling
187- added Conor's strip_path() to improve file list display
188- added Herman Kuster's multi-level bkp patch
189- added Joshua Oreman's FreeBSD patches x3
190- fixed interactive/textonly support
191- fixed support for subdir-within-NFS-mount
192- fixed "Can't backup if ramdisk not mounted" bug
193- try to work around eccentricities of multi-CD drive PCs
194- misc clean-ups (Steve Hindle)
198- LVM/RAID bugs fixed (Brian Borgeson)
199- major clean-up of code (Stan Benoit)
200- make-me-bootable fix (Juraj Ziegler)
201- fixed problem w/ multi-ISO verify cycle (Tom Mortell)
202- removed duplicate entry from makefile
203- if root is /dev/root then assume not a ramdisk
204- fixed potentially infinite loop in log_to_screen (Tom Mortell)
205- reject relative paths if -d flag (Alessandro Polverini)
206- add '/' to custom filelist as workaround for obscure bug
207- ask user speed of CDRW if writing to CD
208- find_cdrom_device() --- if nonexistent/not found then
209  make sure to return '' as dev str and 1 as res
210- tweaked restore scripts tgz
211- cleaned up find_cdrom_device()
212- if user creates /usr/share/mondo/payload.tgz then untar
213  payload to CD at backup-time
214- fixed insist_on_this_cd_number()
215- fixed am_i_in_disaster_recovery_mode()
216- misc clean-up (Tom Mortell)
217- made code more legible
218- fixed post-nuke support
219- fixed nfs support
220- fixed iso support
221- at restore-time, only sort mountlist internally,
222  in mount_all_devices() and unmount_all_devices()
223- fixed cosmetic bug in label-partitions-as-necessary
224- updated documentation
225- fixed fstab-hacking scripts
229- log newt, slang, ncurses info
230- updated man page
231- handle %% chars in properly (Heiko Schlittermann)
232- fixed serious NFS restore bug
233- changed various strcpy() calls to strncpy() calls
234- added mondo-makefilelist to makefile (Mikael Hultgren)
235- mount_cdrom() better at handling multiple CD drives
236- exclude /media/cdrom,cdrecorder,floppy
237- sensibly_set_tmpdir_and_scratchdir() --- exclude smb and smbfs
238- better logging by eval_call_to_make_ISO()
239- accept -J <fname> to let user provide their own fs catalog
240  instead of -I <paths> to backup
241- if dir excluded with -E or included with -I and dir is actually
242  a softlink then exclude/include the dir pointed to, as well
243- better location for manpage
244- adjusted block size of tarball at start of tape, to help
245  users w/ broken tape driver firmware
246- sort -u fstab after modifying it
247- if backup type is nfs then don't estimate noof media
248- fixed Makefile (Mikael Hultgren)
249- updated manpage
250- added -e support
253- new devel branch opened
257- fixed bug in multithreading
258- use new grub-MR instead of grub-install
259- wipe only the partition table (not MBR) when repartitioning drives
260- ignore lilo.conf.anaconda when looking for lilo.conf file
261- accepts '-l RAW' to backup/restore original boot sector instead
262  of running grub or lilo to init it after restoring
263- fixed&updated stabgrub-me script; software RAID + GRUB work now
264- mount/unmount /boot partition for Gentoo 1.2 users
265- re-enabled extra tape checksums
266- disabled spurious warnings
267- unmount/remount supermounts at start/end of live restore, if nec.
268- cleaned up mondo's tape block handling (now, TAPE_BLOCK_SIZE=128K
269  and I've added INTERNAL_TAPE_BLK_SIZE=32K variable for buffering)
270- added Makefile
271- added -l RAW option, to backup and restore original MBR
272- cleaned up iso_mode() and nfs restoring
273- create /mnt/RESTORING/mnt/.boot.d for Gentoo users
274- made mondorestore CD bootable for ArkLinux users
275- if user runs as 'su' not 'su -' then work around
279- pop-up list of changed files, at end of verification phase
280- better handling of changed.files list at restore-time
281- lots of CD-related fixes
282- added '-N' flag --- to let user exclude all NFS-related mounts&devices
283- better handling of 'kill'
284- restructuring of code to ease integration of mondo w/XMondo
285- fixed obscure bug in find_and_mount_actual_cd()
286- fixed
287- updated documentation
288- fixed .spec file
289- if / or /root has <50MB free then abort & complain
290- commented code
291- updated man page
292- added -v / --version flag
293- replaced convoluted grep with wc (KP)
294- fixed bug affecting restoration of bigfiles from CD's created w/0 compression
295- fixed BurnProof-related bug
296- better at figuring out which is the best partition to use for temp/scratchdir
297- added do-not-compress-these (text file) to RPM
298- do not compress files of types listed in do-not-compress-these
299- dropped -U from call to afio - saves 20-30% runtime (Cosgrove)
300- added Cosgrove's do-not-compress-these list
301- included various patches from KP
302- chmod tmpdir, scratchdir to 700 before using
303- restore from specified backup device, even if its own cfg file disagrees
304- fixed multi-tape bug
305- fixed "Can't find first ISO when verifying nonbootable ISO" bug
306- multithreaded make_afioballs_and_images()
307- tmpdir and scratchdir set sensibly whether mondoarchive is called with
308  command-line parameters or not
309- fixed bug in strip_spaces() which stopped it from handling
310  small strings correctly - affected mountlist editor
311- create a repaired copy of grub-install which is RAID-friendly;
312  use it when initializing boot sector with run_grub()
313- fixed bug in mondo-makefilelist
319- if restoring, don't try to find SCSI node of CD-ROM drive; find /dev entry
320- during selective restore, skip filesets which don't contain relevant archives
321- set /dev/null's perms to 777, just in case devfs-enabled kernel mangles it
322- remove /var/run/*.pid after restoring
323- move spurious lockfiles from /home/* to /home/*/.disabled
324- ask user to confirm the tape/CD device name
325- lots of multitape-related fixes
326- added code to autodetect the hardware of the user, when possible
327- if isodir does not exist then abort
328- doubled 'biggiefile' threshold... to 32MB
329- exclude /root/images/mindi
330- fixed multi-imagedev bug (Emmanuel Druon)
331- unmount/remount /mnt/floppy before/after backing up, if Mandrake
332- restructured the source files
333- fixed serious bug in line 1546 - should have been !=, not ==; stopped
334  mondorestore from correctly restoring big files
335- added '#include <signal.h>' to my-stuff.h
336- exclude "incheckentry xwait()" from changed.files
337- fixed minor bug in find_cdrom_device()
338- fixed bug in friendly_sizestring...
339- insist on tape #1 when start verifying
340- added internal buffering, replacing the external 'buffer' exe
341- if differential backup then don't permit formatting or fdisking,
342  whether Interactive or Nuke mode
343- if mondorestore is run on live filesystem (or from ramdisk) without
344  parameters then mondorestore will ask which backup media (tape, CD, etc.)
345  was used; it will read the config file from the media and proceed from there
346- if tape streamer is softlink then resolve it first
347- incorporate post-nuke tarball
348- if user doesn't specify tape size, proceed anyway; behave intelligently
349  in the event of end-of-tape
350- prefix bkpinfo->restore_path to biggiefile fname before generating
351  checksum & comparing to archived biggiefile
352- if /etc/lilo.conf not found not /etc/lilo.conf.anaconda found
353  then create a softlink from the former to the latter, to work
354  around RH7.3's b0rken LILO support
355- LFS support (mharris, michele, hugo)
356- fixed verify bug --- CD#1 was being verified again & again & ...
357- differential mode fixed; supported again
358- ask user for boot loader + device if not detectible
359- list up to 512 files in file selection window at once (was 128)
360- better handling of bigfiles' checksums, perms and owns
361- delete final filelist if <=2 bytes long
362- if kernel not found and mondo in graphics mode then popup and ask
363  for kernel path+filename
364- misc clean-ups (Troff)
365- noninteractivity-related & misc clean-ups (Carl Wilhelm Soderstrom)
366- RAID, feedback enhancements (Philippe de Muyter)
367- exclude /dev/* from changed.files
368- replaced large declarations with malloc()'s and free()'s
369- added lockfile
370- fixed bugs affecting tape users who backup+verify at same time
371- fixed bugs re: tape block size >32K (Troff)
372- added signal-trapping to mondoarchive and mondorestore
373- fixed bug in new '-s' code
374- added --isonuke and --mbr switches
375- cleaned up live filesystem restoration
376- permit '-0' (no compression) flag
377- if user restores selectively (picks some files to be restored) then
378  large files archived during '-L' (LZO) backup will now be restored properly
379- fixed bug in make-me-bootable
380- don't change /tmp's permissions unless it doesn't exist & has to be created
381- changed $i to $j in mondo-makefilelist (Karsten) 
382- fixed 'I refuse to write floppy images to /dev/fd0 because its size is
383  not apparent from its filename' bug
384- disabled 'nr-failed-disks' entry in raidtab generator
385- added '-o' flag to let user choose LILO as CD/floppy's boot loader
386- fixed bug in --mbr
391v1.43-7 (STABLE)
392- afio uses 16MB buffer when restoring, instead of 8MB buffer
393- mondorestore makes /var/run/console in case user excluded it
394- the -s switch now accepts multiple sizes, one per tape/CD
395- added -u switch for streaming to device; like -t (tape) but without
396  various error checks; use with caution
397- bugfixes; cleaned up code (Troff)
398- changed lockfiles from static to random filenames
399- use dvdrecord instead of cdrecord, if available
400- don't alter /mnt/RESTORING/tmp's permissions if comparing
401- added -follow to search for home (Bruno Vidal)
402- unmount/remount CD-ROM at start/end if supermounted
403- delete old /tmp/filelist.full,biggielist.txt if restoring to
404  live filesystem
405- if Mindi aborted then show last 6 lines of its log before mondoarchive aborts
406- reformatted, redistributed source code (Stan Benoit)
407- replaced isolinux dependency with syslinux dependency
408- now shows the CDR(W)'s progress properly - 20%, 30%, etc.
409- changed lockfiles from static to random filenames
414v1.42-3 (STABLE)
415- minor cosmetic enhancements
416- improved homedir-locating code
421v1.42-1 (STABLE)
422- mondorestore may now be run on live filesystem, i.e. user does not
423  have to reboot in order to restore data; works for CD's and tapes;
424  NFS and ISO restores will be supported at a later date
425- fixed restore-time RAID-handling bugs
426- added -E patch to exclude files and/or dirs properly (Andy Glass)
427- cat /proc/cpuinfo and run uname -r; save output to logfile at backup-time
428- fixed minor bug in stablilo-me
429- if /tmp/ exists then use _it_ instead of /tmp/fstab to label
430  ext2 or ext3 partitions
431- bootable CD's now use SYSLINUX instead of LILO (Andy Glass)
432- don't pclose() tape after calling closein_tape(): the latter does it already
433- tarball installs to /usr/share/mondo by default; was /usr/local/share/mondo
434- numerous cosmetic enhancements
435- added '-m' (manual CD tray) flag
440v1.41-1 (STABLE)
441- record hostname (Krzysztof Dubowik)
446v1.40-7 (STABLE)
447- if '-L' then test for lzop; abort if not present
448- if Mondo cannot figure out which boot loader the user is using,
449  tell the user to read the manual and mention -l, -f switches
450- abort if ramdisk not available
451- updated man page (Mikael Hultgren)
452- support multiple -I params (Mikael Hultgren+Randy Delfs)
453- mkreiserfs -ff instead of -q (Andy Glass)
458v1.40-6 (STABLE)
459- incorporated new config.guess, config.sub (H�tor Garc� �varez)
460- updated manual to explain tmpfs needs to be in kernel (Mikael Hultgren)
461- don't let non-root users run mondoarchive
462- allow up to 50 chars in popup_and_get_string()'s input field
463- tell user to use 'su -' instead of 'su' if they use 'su' by mistake
464- make mondo-makefilelist more SUN-friendly, re: fstab (Andy Glass)
465- modified 'Sliced bigfile #n' log entry to say '..#(n+1)'
470v1.40-5 (STABLE)
471- improved the way Mondo installs itself (Mikael Hultgren)
472- updated manpage
473- touch /mnt/RESTORING/var/log/pacct after restoring
474- added updated docs (Cafeole, Randy Delfs, Stan Benoit et al)
475- added pico to restore-scripts.tgz; deprecated some scripts
476- if restoring to /dev/ida/* or /dev/cciss/* then drop the 'p'
477  before trying to discover the size of the partition itself
478- support pathnames containing spaces (KirkJT)
479- added -C switch, to treat CD burner almost as a tape streamer
480- run post-nuke script if it exists
481- put (char*)(&buf) instead of &buf when reading/writing biggiefiles' info
486v1.40-3 (STABLE)
487- let user exclude devices from mountlist with (e.g.) -E /dev/hda1
488- handle one-letter dirs properly (Ian Kent)
489- when making ext3 fs, don't specify journal size (Cafeole)
490- add tmp.mondo.NNNN to tempdir path, if tempdir is specified by user
491- add mondo.scratch.NNN to scratchdir path, if scratchdir is specified by user
492- beefed up RAID-related logging a bit
493- exclude .journal files properly
494- Italian patch (Michael Baldessari)
499v1.40-2 (STABLE)
500- fixed typo in manpage (Mikael Hultgren)
501- exclude "#"*"#" and *~ from tarball and source RPM
502- updated manual (Randy Delfs)
503- put the correct version# in mondo/my-stuff.h
504- in Nuke Mode, expand/contract mountlist proportionately to fill hard disks
505- fix serious restore-time bug in tape/afio-handling code
506- cdrecord is only required if burning CD's
511v1.40-1 (STABLE)
512- set partition(s) bootable w/fdisk if appropriate
513- cosmetic bugfixes
514- changed get_phys_size_of_drive() to read value from fdisk, not dmesg
515- if hard disk does not exist then warn user when editing mountlist
516- if boot+floppy disk images were not created then don't offer to write them
517  to disks; instead, mention the mindi.iso bootable CD images   
518- exclude each partition's .autofsck from backup
519- fixed bug in CD restoration progress form
520- changed many tempfilenames from mojo-jojo* to sensible, random names
521- exclude win386.swp from backup (Cafeole)
526v1.38-2 (DEVELOPMENT)
527- minor improvements to the NFS-handling code
528- mondo-restore now records Mondo's version# in log
529- fixed silly bug that makes 'current filelist #' progress form inaccurate
530- fix typo in '10 seconds to abort' line; also, made 20 seconds
535v1.38-1 (DEVELOPMENT)
536- source code has been beautified (Stan Benoit)
537- makefile, Config implemented (Stan Benoit)
538- use /tmp/mondo-restore.cfg instead of all kinds of silly /tmp files
539  at boot-time; slowly migrating to a proper /tmp/mondo-restore.cfg file
540- changed 'retval+=load_raidtab()' to 'load_raidtab()'
541- patch to make it easier to install Mondo almost anywhere (Ian Mortimer)
542- proper, one-char switches replace the long-winded multi-char switches
543  of 1.36 and earlier
544- migrating from lots of /tmp files in ramdisk to a single configuration
545  file on ramdisk, at /tmp/mondo-restore.cfg
546- estimates the number of media required by this backup session
547- changed 'retval+=load_raidtab()' to 'load_raidtab()'
548- records+restores biggiefiles' permissions+ownership properly
553v1.37-1 (DEVELOPMENT)
554- proper 'selective restore' interface implemented
555- if the user specifies boot loader or device, record those settings
556- fixed cdrecord-related bug in .spec file
557- if backing up specific paths - e.g. /usr/local/bin - then include
558  /usr and /usr/local/ in filelist; don't backup /usr/* but do recreate
559  /usr and /usr/local/; this is to help the selective restore subroutine
560- user's BIOS is assumed not to be able to handle LILO's sector-seek merging
561- switches --broken-bios, --debug and --chunk-size have been removed
562- if user calls with --burn-cds 2 (nothing else) then find CDRW and continue
563- if CD writer's speed is not specified then assume 2x
564- better autodetection of CD writer
565- set size is 5MB for tape users and CD users alike
566- exclude /root/images/mondo from backup
567- added --skip-floppies switch
568- abort if PC has <32MB of RAM at backup-time; warn if <64MB
573v1.36-1 (DEVELOPMENT)
574- fixed v.minor bug in MakeFilelist()
575- in mondo-archive, replaced calls to Die() with calls to FatalError()
576- include .spec file in tarball
577- if cdrecord v1.8 or older then abort: inadequate for Mondo's needs
578- moved misc functions from mondo-archive to mondo-tarme.c
579- prettier interface when preparing and formatting boot+data disks
580- when editing mountlist, warn if formats !supported by kernel (B. Hartin)
581- don't try to run e2label on filesystems which aren't ext2 or ext3
582- don't write to tape if already burning to CD (Kosaku Nagasaka)
583- re-enabled and tested some CD-verifying code
584- added buffer to RPM/tarball requirements
585- set size is 4MB for tape users; 16MB for CD users
586- files <16MB aren't chopped
587- uses tmpfs for temp storage if backing up to tape
588- (rudimentary) selective formatting
589- log versions of afio, bzip2, etc.
594v1.35-1 (DEVELOPMENT)
595- NFS backup+restore support
596- exclude Win2K hiberation file (Paul Rensing)
597- fixed filelist.full/filelist.blah typo (Paul Rensing)
598- unset TAPE at start of mondo-archive (Norm Crowfoot)
599- if bzip is <v0.99 then abort
600- if hard disk fills to capacity then abort
601- --post-nuke <tarball> will incorporate a tarball of tools and data files
602  of the user's choosing in the boot CD/floppies; the tarball must contain
603  an executable, 'post-nuke', which will be called at the end of Nuke Mode
604- --text-mode forces Mondo Archive to use text only (no newt or ncurses)
605- the deprecated scripts have now been disabled
606- boot floppy will use 'safe' LILO calls; boot CD will use 'fast' LILO calls
607  unless --broken-bios is supplied in call to Mondo
608- cdrecord's buffer is now 4 MB (was 16 MB)
609- tape support has been rewritten from ground up
610- set size is now 16MB for CD users and 48MB for tape users
611- don't let user change mountlist entry from regular mountpt to 'image'
612- mount -t (space was missing in mount_isodir())
613- all calls to afio now use blocks of TAPE_BLOCK_SIZE KB and RAM buf of 8 MB
614- added Peter Seidler <>'s "Petris" game
615- --exclude-paths now drops the trailing '/' from param(s) if present
616- tab-align /etc/fstab after hacking it
621v1.34-1 (DEVELOPMENT)
622- if /sbin or /usr/sbin are not in PATH then add them temporarily
623- if --broken-bios then force LILO to run in backward-compatible mode
624- tape users can boot from a single floppy now
625- when archiving/restoring/verifying tape, skip the first 32MB
626- fixed bugs in actually_verify_the_tapes()
627- fixed some popen/pclose mismatches
628- no longer run compare_a_biggiefile() right after restore_a_biggiefile(),
629  as it can upset the restoration of biggiefiles which are spread across CD's
634v1.33-8 (DEVELOPMENT)
635- implemented --image-devs <dev> (<...>) switch
636- improved --verify switch's code
637- exclude Windows' win386.swp file, if found
638- fixed bug in unmount_all_devices()
639- include version of Mondo/Mindi in error log
640- updated the FAQ
641- when making differential backup, make sure to exclude nonexistent files
642- --use-lzo now applies lzo to big files as well as afio archives
643- changed all 'long long's to 'off_t's
644- no longer aborts if /etc/lilo.conf does not exist
645- moved FAQ's to FAQ file
646- archive bigfiles one slice at a time; much less wasteful of space
647- abort if user tries to backup a mounted partition as an _image_
652v1.33-6 (DEVELOPMENT)
653- misc bugfixes
658v1.33-5 (DEVELOPMENT)
659- improved error-reporting in the event of boot loader detection failure
660- improved tape verification code
661- experimental support for backing up and restoring devices as images
666v1.33-4 (DEVELOPMENT)
667- updated FAQ
668- experimental GRUB support
669- when calculating checksums, tell user %done and time remaining
670- checksum catalog entry = filesize+mtime+ctime; don't call md5sum or cksum
671- compile mondo-filelistchop and mondo-checksum with -O2 optimization
672- when writing floppies, ask specifically for floppy #x (Randy Delfs)
677v1.33-3 (DEVELOPMENT)
678- supports --boot-loader and --boot-device to let user specify them
679- fixed CDRW node autodetection bug
680- MONDO_PATH was misconfigured; is now "/usr/share/mondo"
684v1.33-1 (DEVELOPMENT)
685- if user changes a partition's device, change it in raidtab too
686- don't extrapolate from /etc/raidtab to /tmp/mountlist; editor does it already
687- don't backup /tmp (somewhere in the v1.3x series, I stopped excluding /tmp)
688- cosmetic fixes to mondo-prep.c and mondo-newt.c
689- put quotes around chmod's parameter
690- subtract 5% from reported maximum storage capacity of drives, when checking
691  that the parttions will fit; some drives lie about their max cap
692- stablilo-me no longer tries to mark partitions as bootable
693- better exclusion of /var/log/pacct
694- tape users can now use --verify to verify archives w/o rebooting
695- checksum calculated for every file backed up - for future expansion
696- implemented a _real_ --differential switch, to backup all files changed
697  or added since the last complete backup
702v1.32-2 (DEVELOPMENT)
703- if no RAID devices after editing mountlist then delete raidtab
704- don't try to mount RAID partitions (components of RAID dev)
705- don't add partitions to mountlist when extrapolating from mountlist
706  unless the partitions are not already present in mountlist
707- don't format partitions if partitioning failed
708- when user selects RAID level, establish whether said level is available
713v1.32 (DEVELOPMENT)
714- if user creates ISO images, the default dest dir is /root/images/mondo now
715- log_it() makes sure it only writes one \n on the end of each logged line
716- detects if user is using GRUB/LILO/other; abort if neither LILO nor GRUB
717- passes the boot loader's name and device to Mindi, to be available at
718  boot-time
719- if user successfully restores using Nuke or Interactive w/o error then Mondo
720  generates a random message, basically saying, "Cool."
721- enlarged afio's "-M" parameter from 12M to 16M
722- if stablilo-me fails then restore the original lilo.conf and fstab before
723  offering user the opportunity to edit them (Dean Carpenter)
724- added ISO Mode, to let user restore from ISO images in directory
725- cosmetic fix to compare/restore phase windows
726- if backing up to ISO images then offer to write boot floppies too
727- changed some references to /tmp/raidtab, to /etc/raidtab
728- cleaned up compare + restore logging
729- scratchdir is now [path]/mondo.scratch.$$; was just [path]/mondo.scratch
734v1.31 (DEVELOPMENT)
735- turned on '-Wall' to find cruft; found lots of it; cleaned it up
736- exclude each device's lost+found directory
737- mountlist editor now permits advanced editing of RAID devices
738- fixed a silly bug that was causing freeze-up on <1% of systems; if biggielist
739  was empty then sometimes mondo-archive would freeze when backing up big files
740  (cos there weren't any *g*)
741- partition and set type in 2-stage process (was 1-stage)
742- cleaned up Compare Mode's logging a bit, to make it more legible
743- don't report changed archives as 'errors' but as 'differences'
744- exclude ext3's .journal files from backup (yes, this time I really do)
745- '--my-kernel SUCKS' has been replaced with '--my-kernel FAILSAFE'
746- softlink mondo-restore to /usr/bin/ before calling Mindi, so that Mindi can
747  pick up mondo-restore and its depdendencies easily
748- copy mondo-restore to Mondo's temp dir before calling Mindi
749- don't try to compress MP3's, MPG's, WMV's or RA's
750- cleaned up mondo-newt.c; alphabetized the subroutines; moved some tools from
751  there to mondo-tools.c
752- mondo-tarme and mondo-restore are now compiled as dynamic executables; I
753  have amended and mondo-1.31.spec accordingly
754- now make boot/data floppies at end of backup, not beginning
755- backup in alphabetical order now, not reverse-alpha
756- if Compare Mode reports changed files /var/* and /etc/mtab only then tell
757  the user their archives are good despite the differneces
758- cut back on excessively verbose logging at backup-time
759- when vacuum-packing a partition, describe it as "(max size)", not "(0 MB)"
760- if swap is already mounted, don't abort: just say, 'swap already mounted'
761- when unmounting all devices, don't try to unmount something if it's not even
762  mounted; if it's not mounted, say so but don't try to unmount it: you'll
763  just end up looking very silly :)
768v1.30 (DEVELOPMENT)
769- I have reorganized the C code, sorted the subroutines alphabetically, and
770  re-jigged Mondo's installation routines (inc. the RPM spec file) to reflect
771  the changes
772- check for mondo-restore's presence; if absent then abort & ask user to check
773  to see if Mondo was installed properly
774- always exclude /var/log/pacct from backup
775- optimal set size is now 24MB
776- will abort w/error if compilation of mondo-* fails
777- after creating the mountlist, put a copy in Mondo's tmp directory
778- each ext3 filesystem has a .journal file in its base directory; Mondo will
779  now exclude each of these journal files automatically
780- use the archived copy of LILO, not the copy from the restore-time ramdisk,
781  to configure the MBR
782- size_of_file() now returns long long, not long
783- find mondo-archive and set MONDO_PATH accordingly
784- scratchdir is /home/mondo.scratch by default
785- at backup-time, run mondo-restore in test mode to make sure that the
786  executable is sane & will run OK at restore-time
792- tested on Linux-Mandrake 8.0 and Red Hat 7.2; backup,wipe,restore went OK
793- fixed a bug in is_this_device_mounted()
794- at restore-time, always check for presence of decompressor; abort if notfound
795- run 'chmod -r 1777 /mnt/RESTORING/tmp' after restoring
796- fixed bugs in Compare Mode:-
797  - missing else{}
798  - erroneous 'cannot add archive' error; res+=retval should have read
799    retval+=res (Tony Kim)
800- use 'umount /mnt/cdrom' instead of 'umount /dev/cdrom', to make it compatible
801  with busybox's umount command
802- fixed bug in mondo-archive which stopped Mondo from pausing to retry if the
803  CD/ISO fails the verification phase
804- modified compare_all_tarballs() in mondo-restore.c
805- if running interactively then offer to modify fstab and lilo.conf if user
806  says s/he has modified the mountlist
807- if mondo-tarme segfaults (as it does, on a _very_ few systems) then Mondo
808  picks up on the fact & reports it
809- when restoring, create /mnt/RESTORING/tmp before _and_ after restoring data,
810  just in case it is necessary; also set permissions okay
811- C code is now compiled 'O0' (without optimizations)
812- each CD's slices were being listed to screen; now, piped to /dev/null
818- changed minor error in documentation (mondo-archive's --help output)
819- improved Mondo's compare phase for tape users
825- the deprecated scripts now work with LZO
826- if mondo-restore cannot mount all devices, it will _unmount_ whatever it did
827  mount, before it returns an error
828- works with Red Hat 6.2 and 2.2.19 kernel
829- cosmetic change to output (no more 'burning first/last CD' msgs)
830- abort if user uses '--use-lzo' but doesn't install LZO(P) first
831- changed --differential's \( and \) to ( and ) <-- thanks, Michael Moellney)
832- added Marcus Oberhumer's LZO to Mindi and Mondo; use '--use-lzo' switch
833  to activate this groovy new compression algorithm; it is not as efficient
834  as bzip2 but it is can take up to 50% less time than bzip2 to compress data
835- incorporated Bruno Cornec's "--cd-recovery" patch
836- at restore-time, set biggiefiles to +x
837- set optimal fileset size to 16MB (was 8MB)
838- don't report non-existent differences/errors between archives and filesystem
839- fixed bug in --differential switch (Michael Moellney)
840- scripts will no longer function unless gawk and printf are included in
841  Mindi's deplist.txt; add them if you want to use the scripts
847- default scratchdir is `pwd`/mondo.scratch.$$ (was mondo.scratch)
848- when asking user to send me a log file, warn them that the log file may
849  contain information which they do not want me to see but point out that I
850  cannot help much unless I have a copy of their log file
851- when comparing to or restoring from tape, only update the progree form
852  if/when I've just restored files; otherwise, I would screw up the time est.s
853- increase afio's block count from 256 to 1024 when restoring from tape
854- plays nicely with devfs-enabled kernels and distros
855- when restoring or comparing, track progress by the archive# (N out of M),
856  not by the file#; the former is more reliable and useful than the latter
857- has been tested successfully with the following distros
858  - Linux-Mandrake 8.1 and its 2.4.8, devfs-enabled stock kernel --- tape / CDR
859  - Red Hat 7.1 and its 2.4.2 stock kernel --- tape / CDR
860- tape streamers are now supported; use the '--write-tapes <dev> <sizeMB>'
861  switch, e.g. --write-tapes /dev/st0 4096
862- LVM support is stabilizing
863- when mounting/unmounting partitions to be restored, don't forget to
864  mount/unmount the swap partitions
865- when zeroing a drive, use plain old C fopen/fputc/fclose, not 'dd'
866- after restoring data and running LILO, unmount (as usual) and then run
867  label-partitions-as-necessary, to set the ext2fs LABELs if it is appropriate
868- fixed bugs in selective restoration scripts and executable
869- fixed silly bug in hack-lilo; bug was triggered when I moved to Mandrake 8.1;
870  bug caused '/dev/fd0' entry in lilo.conf to become corrupted
871- if user tries to make a bootable rescue CD with the '--no-bkpath' switch then
872  politely direct them to Mindi :-)
878- serialized the call to mondo-filelistchop.c; helps to improve visual feedback
879  (yeah, sounds weird but it's true)
880- the switches --differential and --exclude-paths should play nicely now
881- improved the logging a bit, esp. when ejecting or unmounting CD's
882- improved the visual feedback (specifically, the bar and percentage figures
883  indicating time spent & remaining)
884- experimental LVM support
885- fixed 'cannot eject CD' bug, which was caused by busybox's sync & umount
886- fixed mount-me to allow for mountlists with >1 spaces between columns
887- fixed documentation; param is --my-kernel <path>, not kernel-path <path>
888- fail if user runs mondo-archive _from CD_; this is for the user's protection
889- fixed silly bug in mount-me (a crucial line was disabled)
890- working on stablilo-me, hack-lilo and hack-fstab to make sure they work
891  with the new, busybox-based Mindi v0.41
892- Mindi v0.41 is very different from v0.40, internally anyway; so, I had to do
893  a lot of testing to make sure Mondo would play nicely with the new Mindi
899- if verify is enabled then verify each CD/ISO after writing it
900- fixed a quasi-bug in mondo/mount-me; this script used 'sort +1' which is
901  not supported by busybox; I've changed it to just plain old 'sort'
902- Mondo now tells Mindi whether or not to use its stock kernel
903- fixed bug in 'biggify-me' script; now, checksums will be verified
904- fixed bug in checksum comparison code (mondo-restore.c)
905- reimplemented '--verify' switch; now, user can verify ISO's or CD's against
906  the live filesystem, just for 'belt and braces' emotional security
907- improved the error-reporting at restore-time (if tarball cannot be accessed)
908- if user does not specify CD-R(W) drive's speed or device then Mondo will
909  try to locate the drive and will assume 4x speed
910- user may now type 'edit-mountlist' after booting, if they want to edit the
911  mountlist without risking accidentally wiping their hard disks
912- fixed a few silly typos in the error messages in mondo-tarme
913- updated the FAQ
914- added code to verify ISO images
915- used 'blank=fast' instead of '-blank fast' for backward-compatibility with
916  older versions of cdrecord
917- if nonzero value returned by Mondo, then Mondo creates a mondo.err.$$.tgz
918  tarball containing log files & stuff, which it tells the user to e-mail me
919- when debugging, don't pause before running mondo-tarme; just run it
920- automatically exclude any file including '/vmmhiber.w9x' in its pathname
921- added Minix support (although I doubt anyone needs it)
922- ported mondo-tarme to C
923  - prettier interface at run-time (backup), giving better feedback
924  - obviates a mysterious, intermittent bug in bash itself
925  - shows '% done' when burning CD
926- afio now has a 12MB FIFO buffer (was 16MB)
927- cdrecord now has a 20MB FIFO buffer (was 24MB)
928- wipe [CD]/usr/share/mondo, as well as floppy images, if CD #2 or later
929- up to 19 CD's may be created now
930- fixed the 'stderr.txt not found' loop error in mondo-tarme.c
931- fixed the weird 'segfault on finish() after archiving' bug
932- modularized the and mondo-1.14-x.i386.rpm compilation sections
938- fixed some compiler warnings in mondo-newt.c; rearranged some code
939- mondo-tarme now uses -M 16m -t 4k in its call to afio, to improve performance
940- fixed mondo-restore.c's mkreiserfs call; ditto, prep-me's mkreiserfs call
941- fixed mondo-restore.c's compare_a_biggiefile() subroutine, which would
942  generate erroneous error messages
943- fixed mondo-archive.c's restore_a_biggiefile() and restore_all_biggiefiles()
944  subroutines; I can't get them to break but others can, so I've streamlined
945  the code to make them easier to debug and in theory more stable too
946- fixed 'hack-fstab' to make sure that non-LABELed partitions are correctly
947  moved/changed, etc.
948- fixed the 'space in big filename' bug (I think)
949- make Interactive Mode sort the mountlist (by partition size) before creating
950  the dirs and mounting the partitions to them
951- fixed a slew of bugs related to Red Hat's LABEL= extensions
952- cleaned up mondo-restore.c and mondo-newt.c; replaced lots of arbitrary
953  limits and lengths with a small number of #define's
954- added some sample RAID0/1/5 raidtab (config) files to restore-scripts.tgz,
955  which will be restored to the ramdisk's /etc dir when the user boots from
956  the CD; this will only take up an extra 50K or so & will help any user
957  who is moving from non-RAID to RAID
958- changed FIFO size to 20MB
959- only use the VFAT kludge on /dev/hda1 or /dev/sda1; otherwise, even if
960  the partition type is VFAT, do a regular mkfs.vfat
961- if mkfs.vfat doesn't exist, use mkfs.dos
962- only try to add 'LABEL=' to ext2 and ext3 partitions
963- moved a bunch of scripts from Mindi's rootfs.tgz to our restore-scripts.tgz
964- fixed bugs in mondo-restore.c, which would sometimes just sit there when
965  trying to compare or restore big files that were spread across CD's
966- Interactive Mode goes straight to 'mondo-restore --interactive' now, i.e.
967  the user doesn't have to choose Interactive once at boot and once within
968  mondo-restore
969- better post-run clean-up
970- improved mondo-restore.c's error-reporting a little bit
971- stablilo-me (the script) now supports Red Hat's "LABEL=" extensions to
972  /etc/fstab, via the script, 'label-partitions-as-necessary'
973- added a user-friendly mountlist editor to mondo-restore.c
974- added lots of sanity-checking to mountlist editor
980- changed cdrecord's FIFO size to 8MB
981- removed -pad and -sort from the call to mkisofs
982- amended the .spec file to be saner when building RPM's
983- archives are named '.afio.bz2' instead of '.tar.bz2'
984- mondo-archive, mondo-tarme, mondo-restore.c and the DEPRECATED scripts have
985  been amended accordingly
986- should be able to create up to 20 CD-R's per backup set now
987- moved a line within prep-me that was in the wrong place (thanks, Fran Boon!)
988- runs 'df -m' and saves it to a text file 'df.txt' on the CD
989- added 10-second delay before mondo-restore's Nuke Mode, to let the user abort
990- really fixed the '/mnt/RESTORING/tmp' permissions bug (thanks, Ang Tan!)
991- sometimes, bash gets all screwed up & won't let the user type 'continue' when
992  Mondo asks them to; if that happens, Mondo will detect it & use a different
993  kind of mondo-askme; the new mondo-askme will check every 10 minutes for a
994  blank CD; if it's there, then the burn continues
995- abort if isodir or scratchdir is a softlink
996- replaced mondo-askme with a good shell script, to work around flaws in
997  bash and/or kernel (don't know which)
998- added a failsafe kernel to Mindi, which means you don't have to make sure
999  your kernel is suitable for a boot disk; you can just use Mindi's instead
1000- make+chop filelist _after_ calling Mindi
1001- updated the FAQ
1007- changed cdrecord's FIFO size back to 4MB
1008- added -pad -sort to the call to mkisofs
1009- stop saying, "N files differ so far" after comparing each tarball
1010- updated the FAQ, to remind users that they can boot from floppy images if
1011  their kernel does not have the right support of CD-ROM's, filesystems, etc.
1012- erroneous error-reporting by /mondo/biggify-me; fixed (David Granz)
1013- don't estimate the time remaining unless >20 sets processed already
1014- default set size (uncompressed) is now 8MB (was 12MB); when 8MB, seems
1015  to run more smoothly & a little quicker, too, at restore-time
1016- chmod 1777 /mnt/RESTORING/tmp after restoring/creating /tmp
1017- dropped mondo-askme.c; using regular 'read' instead
1018- mondo-restore.c uses newt instead of ncurses; much prettier that way
1019- cdrecord now uses a 16MB FIFO buffer (was 8MB)
1020- fixed floating point error in mondo-restore (when showing progress)
1021- when mondo-restore is called without params (e.g. by Interactive Mode), it
1022  lets the user choose between nuke, interactive or compare (or abort)
1023- updated the FAQ
1024- working on Cuckoo Mode...
1030- default compression level is now 3 (was 2)
1031- retry/fail/abort loop bug fixed
1032- calls mindi with "--custom $TMP $scratchdir/images" to force mindi to use
1033  my temp dir and to put the images in my 'images' folder
1039- offer to Retry/Fail/Abort if an error occurs when Mondo tries to burn a CD-R
1040- warn if kernel is 2.4.[0-5] (could have buggy loopfs code)
1041- tested with RAID-5 --- works fine :-)
1047- fixed cosmetic mistake in an error msg in mondo-tarme ('continue'-related)
1048- hack-fstab now uses "defaults 0 0" instead of "default 1 3" when making
1049  a new entry in /etc/fstab
1050- /mondo/restore-me always makes /mnt/RESTORING/tmp; so does mondo-restore.c
1051- cosmetic changes to mondo-restore.c's screen output
1052- RAID-related enhancements to mondo-restore.c
1053  - RAID bkp/restore appears to be stable
1054  - it is possible to move from non-RAID to RAID by backing up, wiping,
1055    creating /etc/raidtab, modifying /tmp/mountlist.txt and then restoring
1056  - mondo-restore.c works well
1057  - the only weakness is that the kernel's messages are written to the
1058    current console, not to a separate console... HELP? :-)
1059- updated README (esp. FAQ) and TODO
1060- tested with Linux 2.4.7; works fine
1061- mondo-1.07.spec and compile every C program with -lncurses, just
1062  in case some programs (besides mondo-restore.c) need the NCURSES library
1063- mondo-restore.c is now compiled statically
1069- now software-RAID compatible
1070- only compiles mondo-restore.c once now
1071- if scratchdir or isodir contain more than one path (each), abort
1072- mondo-restore.c creates dummy partitions if the user starts the official
1073  etc/fstab table at /dev/hda7 or something; so, partitioning should work,
1074  even if the mountlist has some gaps
1075- for each /dev/md* device in the mountlist, run raidstop before mkraid
1081- patch from DoJ to make compile with -O2, not -O
1082- cosmetic changes to the biggiefile-slicing code
1083- fixed
1089- make-me-bootable only "boot-makes" each partition ONCE now
1090- cosmetic changes to mondo-restore's logfile output
1091- mondo-restore.c makes /mnt/RESTORING/tmp if necessary
1092- should be able to cope with Red Hat's "LABEL=" messages in /etc/fstab
1098- looks for /etc/lilo.conf; aborts if it cannot locate it
1099- abort if burning CD's & verify level>=2 (must be 1 or 0 if burning CD's)
1100- catch errors in MakeIsoFS, if any
1101- added 'mondo-restore.c'
1102    - C program, to replace the old restore scripts
1103    - Mindi will incorporate it in the data disks, if it can find Mondo
1104        - Mindi will also incorporate the old restore scripts (from Mondo)
1105          just in case the new C program doesn't work
1106    - calls the script, 'stablilo-me' to run LILO if desired
1107- added 'restore-scripts.tgz', which contains the /mondo scripts that used
1108  to live in Mindi; now, Mindi grabs them from here if necessary
1109- cleared up Mode-related scripts & the executable to replace them
1110- if mkisofs fails, ABORT, don't just warn
1111- added '--differential' option, to backup the files changed during the
1112  last N days (N specified by user)
1118- retract the CD tray after asking user to enter 'continue' (PauseAndAskForCDR)
1119- uses C program instead of bash loop for PauseAndAskForCDR; some bash versions
1120  go into an infinite loop for no reason; hopefully, outsourcing to C will help
1121- when slicing, indicate progress ("N slices...")
1122- when told to '--burn-cds', Mondo pipes mkisofs's output to cdrecord, instead
1123  of saving the ISO file to disk first; this change will save time and space
1124  (not in the Star Trek sense, however *smile*)
1125- default set size (native) is now 12MB
1126- copy /usr/share/mondo to correct directory within CD
1127- all calls to gawk have been replaced with calls to awk
1128- RPM and SRPM published
1129- delete $TMP at end; don't just delete $TMP/*
1130- can accept multiple parameters in the '--bkpath' switch
1135- thanks to recent changes to Mindi, Mondo is now compatible with the
1136  filesystem formats JFS, ext3, ReiserFS, XFS and ext2 (if your own kernel is)
1137- CDs [2-N] do not have boot floppy images on them; only CD#1 does (although
1138  CDs [2-N] do have the El Torito boot image, just in case...)
1139- modified the --burn-cds switch; now it takes 3rd param, 'cdrw' (optional) to
1140  let you wipe and rewrite CDRWs instead of wasting CDRs ;-)
1141- removed that PID thing; doesn't work; please don't run Mondo twice at once :)
1142- removed that "filenames contain '|'" error & associated problems
1143- got rid of 'UNSAFE' warning/shortcut
1144- removed --xerox-dev, --include-tarball, --skip-tildes, --ide-opt, --use-bzip2
1145- mondo-archive doesn't make/hack/edit mountlist anymore; that's Mindi's job
1146- uses Mindi Linux to make boot disks & data disks based on your distro
1147- boot&data stuff goes in $scratchdir/images now
1148- bzip2 is used by default to compress archives
1149- don't make MD5 checksums if verify_level==0
1150- when archiving, make N.tar.bz2 and cklist.txt (tarball+checksums) in parallel
1151- at end of mondo-archive, remove scratchdir and TMP completely IF they were
1152  created by Mondo (e.g. /home/mondo.scratch or /home/tmp.mondo.12345)
1153- fill CD/image up to 1MB less than its max size; was being filled up to about
1154  8MB less than its max size, which wasted 8-10MB of storage space per disk
1160- /proc and /tmp removed --- i.e. added to exclude list :)
1161- Mondo now uses 2.4-series kernel and modules (Bruno Cornec)
1162- minor typos fixed (Bruno Cornec)
1163- older, restore-related fixes merged w/Bruce's work (Maciej Kulasa)
1164- better RPM spec file (Bruno Cornec)
1165- incorporated Mondo v0.977's restore scripts' bugfixes (Maciej Kulasa)
1171- put 'dd' in coolstuff.tgz (Art Wells)
1177- INSTALL script renamed to
1178- tarball cleaned up and re-tarred (Art Wells)
1179- trailing CR/LF's cleaned from scripts (Art Wells)
1180- work is underway to make Mondo compatible with the Linux kernel's 2.4 series
1185- based on v0.976
1186- missing subs and silly typos fixed in restore scripts (Maciej Kulasa)
1187- fstab files containing NFS mounts are handled properly (Petre Scheie)
1188- Mondo is being actively developed again (yippee!)
1193- technical changes
1194  - 12MB ramdisk
1195  - repackaged: now, Mondo comes in big tarball/RPM with all overhead-files
1196  - each Mondo CD has a 15MB administrative overhead; used to be 50-60MB
1197  - definitely 386-compatible now (RH 6.2 binaries)
1198  - Linux-Mandrake 7.1 (2.2.16) kernel w/ReiserFS & Supermount
1199  - modules.conf / conf.modules support (whichever you've got)
1200  - user may include their own copies of modules, if Mondo doesn't come with
1201    the requisite modules already
1202- extra facilities
1203  - ReiserFS support
1204  - '--load-modules <foo> <bar> ...' will allow you to force Mondo to load
1205    key modules at boot-time, e.g. aic7xxx for SCSI-only users
1206- bugfixes
1207  - path-exclusion code (mondo-backup)
1208  - bogus 'flaws=1' message has been eradicated
1209  - CDRW-finding code is now much better at finding the CDRW correctly
1210  - dummy burn mode is working again
1211  - fixed security hole (thanks, Matija); now, user will be warned if Mondo
1212    is configured to execute /tmp/mondo-tarme
1213  - changed lots of 'grep " $string "' to 'grep -w "$string"' (thanks, Matija)
1217v0.975 published
1218- made mondo-tarme use 'ask-me-a-question' to pause for new, blank CD-Rs
1219- don't deeply search isodir for ISO files to wipe: maxdepth should be 1
1220- 386-compatible kernel and modules (should be, anyway...)
1221- applied Doug Nordwall's calc-disk-size patch to fix SCSI hdd size calc'n bug
1222- applied Michael Ralph Pape's SCSI (2nd floppy) patch
1223- removed devdump from overhead-list
1224- mkisofs no longer called with '-quiet' switch
1225- changed '--burn-cds' format: now it's --burn-cds <speed> (<device>)
1226- added '-L' to LILO's call, so that >8GB hard disks overcome 1024-blk limit
1227- mondo-compare runs check-mountlist-sanity before mounting partitions
1228- ramdisk is now 14MB
1232v0.972 published
1233- auto-archive, mondo-archive and mondo-tarme updated to make them more
1234  friendly towards mult-disk sets
1235- if multiple CDRW drives, user is asked which mondo-archive should use
1239v0.971 published
1240- auto-archive now passes CD size to mondo-archive
1241- mondo-tarme, in conjunction with auto-archive, now handles CDRW boot/burn
1242  sharing much better than before
1246v0.970 published
1247- kernel now creates 12MB ramdrive (was 16MB)
1248- lots of silly bugs & overhead problems fixed; 2nd floppy closer to working
1249- restore scripts all log to /var/log/mondo-restore.log
1250- auto-archive:-
1251    - offers Low, Medium or High compression
1252    - no longer needs a spare hard drive for scratch space; uses loopfs on
1253      existing hard drive (if possible) instead
1254    - handles weird (multi-CDROM) PCs more gracefully now
1255    - handles PCs with CDRW but without CDROM more gracefully now
1256    - deletes each ISO after burning it to a CD-R (if it _is_ burning them)
1257    - asks if PC is old & crappy; if it is, IDE optimizations are disabled
1258      at backup-time and restore-time
1259    - lets user use CDRW for booting _and_ burning, thanks to reroute-softlinks
1260- selective restore is finally fixed
1261- nicer help screens on boot floppy
1265v0.965 released
1266- 2MB of space left empty at end of every CD (e.g. 650MB is only 648MB full)
1267- Suzhe & Lonius's SmartBootManager (sbminst) is used instead of Win98's MBR
1268- Mondo may now resize Windows-only backups when restoring
1269- silly bugs in prep-me... fixed
1273v0.964 released
1274- VFAT partitions >8GB handled OK now
1275- 2nd floppy (optionally) created for SCSI users <--- not working yet
1276- better calc-disk-size algorithm (thanks, Doug Nordwall)
1277- Mondo can now backup and restore Windows-only PCs! :-)
1278- silly prep-me and format-and-kludge-vfat bugs fixed
1279- 'resize hack' retitled as 'vacuum-pack'
1283v0.963 released
1284- ISO images are no longer padded
1285- all currently-loaded modules are backed up to custom hboot.img & installed
1286  at restore-time before CD is accessed
1287- '--burn-cd <speed>' switch added
1288- '--no-opt' switch added; use it in the call to mondo-archive if you don't
1289  want IDE optimization when restoring
1290- lots of work done on auto-archive
1291- mondo-extras-1.5 created; excludes mondo-zfile but includes hlib.tar.bz2
1292- boot floppy image now includes kernel w/lots of SCSI stuff
1293- slice* deleted (WipeArchives); was 'slices*' (bug!)
1294- restore scripts all use 'lastbit-me' to find the 'X' part of '/dev/X' device;
1295  this will make it easier to port Mondo to kernel 2.4.x
1296- I cannot make SCSI-based CDROMs boot from Mondo CDs properly... but SCSI
1297  hard drives and ZIP drives should be handled ok from now on
1298- with a little coaxing, Mondo will backup Windows-only PCs (as well as
1299  Lin/Win and Linux-only PCs)
1303v0.962 released
1304- silly bug in mondo-checksum fixed
1305- stale tmp dirs are now definitely deleted (bug fixed)
1306- "Job is %d complete. hh:ss to go." --- much better 'progress' string
1307- 'buffer' is gone again :) thank goodness
1308- only 1st ISO is padded; the rest aren't.
1309- working on implementing an easy 'cdrecord' shortcut-call-thingy
1310- mondo-archive doesn't try to delete loopfs unless it exists
1311- mondo-restore's "hack-softlinks" - silly bug ($1/ missing) fixed
1312- boot floppy image now includes mkdir and rmdir
1313- user may specify temp directory using '--tempdir <path>'
1314- mondo-archive now includes a copy of 'buffer' for future use
1315- Mondo will now archive and restore Linux AND LinWin systems ok. W00H00! :-)
1319v0.961 released
1320- mondo-checksum ignores files <2k in length
1321- default compression level is 4
1322- default verify level is 2
1323- files <3k in size aren't compressed
1324- filelist no longer includes bashbug, dosfsck or dir
1325- bs-me is disabled in mondo-restore
1326- fixed bug in 'hack-fstab' which stopped processing fstab if blank line found
1330v0.960 released
1331- mondo-vfat-1.0 package released, to provide kludging for VFAT bootables
1332- logfile now saved at /var/log/mondo-archive.log (not `pwd`/mondo-archive.log)
1333- pid registered/checked _after_ command line processed... so you can do --help
1334  without being shouted at ;)
1335- restore-me broken into 2 scripts: untar-me and biggify-me
1336- restore-subroutine-me now renamed untar-subroutine-me
1337- bzip2 decompression should work again ;) ... a missing '-Z' was added to
1338  the afio call, and the usr/lib/libbz* libraries are now included on CD ISOs
1339- fixed hack-lilo to ignore blank lines
1340- really ugly boot kludge has been implemented, using embleer files
1341  to make newly-formatted VFAT partitions bootable
1344...see CHANGES.pre-v0.96 for the rest (if you can find it)
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