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Last change on this file since 1842 was 1842, checked in by Bruno Cornec, 13 years ago
  • Fix lack of /etc/raidtab at restore rime in the right place
  • Adds support for nls_utf8 and pata_serverworks Patches from Dirk Husung (
  • Add efibootmgr to deplist.txt in order to be able to modify EFI menu at restore time on ia64
  • Usage of the new testver param of pb 0.8.12 to deliver 2.2.5 packages in a test dir.
  • Update pbcl files for upcoming delivery of 2.2.5
  • Fix an issue on parted output (K instead of KB) in parted2fdisk at restore time
  • Adds support for alb/aft types of bonding on Intel cards (Mark Pinkerton <>)
  • Escape variables in a perl script like mindi-bkphw
  • Better Proliant support at restore time now.
  • Fix a label bug where the variable label should also be re-initialized at each loop
  • start-nfs should NOT do exit => kernel panix as init exits
  • some other fixes for init on denymods
  • Adds boot options denymods (for udev) and forcemods (if not udev)
  • kqemu is denied. Probably should also be done for kvm stuff
  • Fix again the bug on modules link at root of the initrd. Hopefully for good.
  • Wait more around the USB CD emulated by iLO as it takes up to 5 seconds to come up
  • Attempt to fix udev support for RHEL 5.1
  • Better support for automatic iLO Virtual Media with udev
  • Some VMWare support improvements (however, it seems that VMWare support won't be possible anytime soon)
  • during init at restore time, copy all static evices availble for udev, as some distro implementation are no

t yet supported correctly for udev. Not very elegant, but should solve our current issues

  • Fedora 8 now supported as a build target for pb
  • svn.log removed.
  • dependencies reviewd for rhel_3
  • Attempt to fix the lack of modules loaded at restore time - especially fs device drivers
  • removes bkphw dir before potential creation
  • render mount command more vebose at restore time
  • Should fix #217
  • Increase BOOT_SIZE and EXTRA_SIZE to support features such as HW recovery
  • Handles udev.files files which could be symlinks
  • Improve udev support for distro with compressed modules (mdv e.g.)
  • Fix modules.dep copy
  • /sbin/pam_console_apply is needed by mdv udev conf
  • Adds support for nohw boot option to avoid re-setuping the HW conf
  • Improved support for Proliant on cpqacuxe
  • RstHW should be called after driver initialization
  • For debian/ubuntu mindi dpends on mindi-busybox
  • Update mindi-busybox pbcl for correct debian changelog generation, and up2date infos
  • Should fix #215
  • Fix #214 (Thanks to xdelaruelle)
  • Fix again svn.log not used anymore with new pb version
  • Adaptation of build process to upcoming 0.8.12 version of pb
  • Remove MONOTONIC clock to continue to support 2.4 kernels (RHEL 3 e.g. or ESX)
  • Attempt to solve ia64 BMC access through the serial port
  • parted2fdisk binary no more generated
  • do not require perl modules ( at restore time
  • try to avoid modprobe messages at restore time
  • on ia64 now use the perl script parted2fdisk at retore time also
  • Also modprobe modules for udev after decompressing the additional ones
  • replace gzip -v9 by gzip -c9. Fix a bug at least on ia64
  • For all modules supported, create symlinks under the mountpoint and extract dev files as some are not automat ically created at the moment
  • Support /vmfs/volumes for ESX
  • Finally do not use vdf for ESX. Only creates issues.
  • Avoids continuing hw support if no product name found
  • Improves ia64 support for bootable image build
  • Fix a potential problem with ramdisk_blocksize param
  • MAKEDEV should also be included in deplist.txt
  • More fixes for udev support for Debian
  • Do not mount /boot if it's already mounted - avoids ESX hang
  • Fix NICs renumbering on Debian at least
  • Udev startup improvement to support iLO + NFS so modprobing all modules seems required as of now
  • Update to version 1.7.3 of busybox for pb
  • Load USB earlier in order to support KBD such as with iLO
  • Do busybox ldd first in order to create a potential /lib64 link correctly and then use it later in the image
  • Use variable DF in mindi to be able to support the ESX vdf
  • Fix mindi for Debian x86_64 where /lib64 is a link
  • Fix issue at restore time for ext2fs params not reused (Fix from Klaus Ade Johnstad <>)
  • Do not copy udev files if they do not exist In udev case do not insert modules at all (udev should do it alone) May avoid the issue with rhel4.5 kernel ? To be tested
  • Update dependencies for rpm base build as well
  • And also perl is a debian/ubuntu dep
  • Better debian/ubuntu dependecies requirements (mtools)
  • Fix modes on mindi-bkphw (Thanks Phil Walker
  • Complete rev [1771] for upper case RESTORE cli with syslinux as well
  • Update mindi-busybox to 1.7.3
  • Use RESTORE consistently across mondo to restore without interaction (report from Takeshi Shoji

(merge -r1769:1841 $SVN_M/branches/2.2.5)

  • Property svn:keywords set to Id
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2# $Id: mondo.spec 1842 2007-12-15 01:24:34Z bruno $
5Summary:    A program to create a rescue/restore CD/tape
6Summary(fr):    Un programme pour créer un media de sauvegarde/restauration
7Summary(it):    Un programma per utenti Linux per creare un CD/tape di rescue
8Summary(sp):    Un programa por crear una CD/cinta de restoracion/rescate
10Name:       PBPKG
11Version:    PBVER
12Release:    PBTAGPBSUF
13License:    GPL
14Group:      PBGRP
16Source:     PBSRC
17BuildRoot:  %{_tmppath}/%{name}-%{version}-%{release}-root-%(id -u -n)
18BuildRequires:  newt-devel >= 0.50, gettext-devel
19ExcludeArch:    ppc
21Requires:   mindi >= 1.2.1, bzip2 >= 0.9, afio, mkisofs, binutils, newt >= 0.50, gettext, buffer, cdrecord, PBDEP
22%ifarch ia64
23Requires:   elilo, parted
25Requires:   syslinux >= 1.52
29Mondo is a GPL disaster recovery solution to create backup media
30(CD, DVD, tape, network images) that can be used to redeploy the
31damaged system, as well as deploy similar or less similar systems.
33%description -l fr
36Mondo est une solution GPL de sauvegarde en cas de désastre pour
37créer des médias (CD, DVD, bande, images réseau) qui peuvent être
38utilisés pour redéployer le système endomangé, aussi bien que des
39systèmes similaires, ou moins similaires.
41%description -l it
44Mondo e' un programma che permette a qualsiasi utente Linux
45di creare un cd di rescue/restore (o piu' cd qualora l'installazione
46dovesse occupare piu' di 2Gb circa). Funziona con gli azionamenti di
47nastro, ed il NFS, anche.
49%description -l sp
52Mondo es un programa que permite cualquier usuario de Linux a crear una CD
53de restoracion/rescate (o CDs, si su instalacion es >2GO aprox.).  Funciona
54con cintas y NFS, tambien.
57%setup -q
61make %{?_smp_mflags} VERSION=%{version}
64%{__rm} -rf $RPM_BUILD_ROOT
65make DESTDIR=$RPM_BUILD_ROOT install
66mkdir -p $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/%{_var}/cache/%{name}
69%{__rm} -rf $RPM_BUILD_ROOT
73%config(noreplace) %{_sysconfdir}/%{name}/%{name}.conf
74%config %{_sysconfdir}/%{name}/%{name}.conf.sample
75%config %{_sysconfdir}/%{name}/%{name}.conf.dist
76%config %{_sysconfdir}/%{name}/%{name}.conf.dist.md5
77%doc ChangeLog
80%doc docs/en/mondorescue-howto.html docs/en/mondorescue-howto.pdf
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