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Last change on this file since 1256 was 1256, checked in by Bruno Cornec, 14 years ago

Begining of work on conf file introduction in mondo

  • create a new struct mr_ar_conf to store conf info
  • adds a static mr_ar_store_conf function to store conf file info in that struc
  • mondo.conf is now the .dist version
  • md5 not done yet

Not tested may not work at all nor compile

  • Property svn:keywords set to Id
File size: 482 bytes
2## $Id: 1256 2007-03-21 11:48:32Z bruno $
4## Process with Automake to generate
6AM_CPPFLAGS = -DMONDO_CONF_DIR=\"$(sysconfdir)\" -I${top_builddir}/src/include -I${top_builddir}/src/common -I${top_builddir}/src/mondoarchive
8## Headers
9noinst_HEADERS       = mondo-cli-EXT.h mondo-cli.h mondoarchive.h
11## The program
12sbin_PROGRAMS        = mondoarchive
13mondoarchive_SOURCES = mondoarchive.c mondo-cli.c
14mondoarchive_LDADD   = ${top_builddir}/src/common/libmondo.a ${top_builddir}/src/lib/libmr.a
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