source: MondoRescue/branches/stable/mindi-busybox/e2fsprogs/util.h @ 821

Last change on this file since 821 was 821, checked in by Bruno Cornec, 14 years ago

Addition of busybox 1.2.1 as a mindi-busybox new package
This should avoid delivering binary files in mindi not built there (Fedora and Debian are quite serious about that)

File size: 843 bytes
2 * util.h --- header file defining prototypes for helper functions
3 * used by tune2fs and mke2fs
4 *
5 * Copyright 2000 by Theodore Ts'o.
6 *
7 * %Begin-Header%
8 * This file may be redistributed under the terms of the GNU Public
9 * License.
10 * %End-Header%
11 */
13extern void proceed_question(void);
14extern void check_plausibility(const char *device, int force);
15extern void parse_journal_opts(char **, int *, int *, const char *opts);
16extern void check_mount(const char *device, int force, const char *type);
17extern int figure_journal_size(int size, ext2_filsys fs);
18extern void print_check_message(ext2_filsys fs);
19extern void make_journal_device(char *journal_device, ext2_filsys fs, int quiet, int force);
20extern void make_journal_blocks(ext2_filsys fs, int journal_size, int journal_flags, int quiet);
21extern char *e2fs_set_sbin_path(void);
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