source: MondoRescue/branches/stable/mindi-busybox/coreutils/ @ 1770

Last change on this file since 1770 was 1770, checked in by Bruno Cornec, 13 years ago
  • Better output for mindi-busybox revision
  • Remove dummy file created on NFS - report from Arnaud Tiger <>
  • strace useful for debug
  • fix new versions for pb (2.0.0 for mindi and 1.7.2 for mindi-busybox)
  • fix build process for mindi-busybox + options used in that version (dd for label-partitions-as-necessary)
  • fix typo in label-partitions-as-necessary which doesn't seem to work
  • Update to busybox 1.7.2
  • perl is now required at restore time to support uuid swap partitions (and will be used for many other thigs

in the future for sure)

  • next mindi version will be 2.0.0 due to all the changes made in it (udev may break working distros)
  • small optimization in mindi on keyboard handling (one single find instead of multiple)
  • better interaction for USB device when launching mindi manually
  • attempt to automatically guess block disk size for ramdisk
  • fix typos in bkphw
  • Fix the remaining problem with UUID support for swap partitions
  • Updates mondoarchive man page for USB support
  • Adds preliminary Hardware support to mindi (Proliant SSSTK)
  • Tries to add udev support also for rhel4
  • Fix UUID support which was still broken.
  • Be conservative in test for the start-nfs script
  • Update config file for mindi-busybox for 1.7.2 migration
  • Try to run around a busybox bug (1.2.2 pb on inexistant links)
  • Add build content for mindi-busybox in pb
  • Remove distributions content for mindi-busybox
  • Fix a warning on inexistant raidtab
  • Solve problem on tmpfs in restore init (Problem of inexistant symlink and busybox)
  • Create MONDO_CACHE and use it everywhere + creation at start
  • Really never try to eject a USB device
  • Fix a issue with &> usage (replaced with 1> and 2>)
  • Adds magic file to depllist in order to have file working + ldd which helps for debugging issues
  • tty modes correct to avoid sh error messages
  • Use ext3 normally and not ext2 instead
  • USB device should be corrected after reading (take 1st part)
  • Adds a mount_USB_here function derived from mount_CDROM_here
  • usb detection place before /dev detection in device name at restore time
  • Fix when restoring from USB: media is asked in interactive mode
  • Adds USB support for mondorestore
  • mount_cdrom => mount_media
  • elilo.efi is now searched throughout /boot/efi and not in a fixed place as there is no standard
  • untar-and-softlink => untar (+ interface change)
  • suppress useless softlinks creation/removal in boot process
  • avoids udevd messages on groups
  • Increase # of disks to 99 as in mindi at restore time (should be a conf file parameter)
  • skip existing big file creation
  • seems to work correctly for USB mindi boot
  • Adds group and tty link to udev conf
  • Always load usb-torage (even 2.6) to initiate USB bus discovery
  • Better printing of messages
  • Attempt to fix a bug in supporting OpenSusE 10.3 kernel for initramfs (mindi may now use multiple regex for kernel initrd detection)
  • Links were not correctly done as non relative for modules in mindi
  • exclusion of modules denied now works
  • Also create modules in their ordinary place, so that classical modprobe works + copy modules.dep
  • Fix bugs for DENY_MODS handling
  • Add device /dev/console for udev
  • ide-generic should now really be excluded
  • Fix a bug in major number for tty
  • If udev then adds modprobe/insmod to rootfs
  • tty0 is also cretaed with udev
  • ide-generic put rather in DENY_MODS
  • udevd remove from deplist s handled in mindi directly
  • better default for mindi when using --usb
  • Handles dynamically linked busybox (in case we want to use it soon ;-)
  • Adds fixed devices to create for udev
  • ide-generic should not be part of the initrd when using libata v2
  • support a dynamically linked udev (case on Ubuntu 7.10 and Mandriva 2008.0 so should be quite generic) This will give incitation to move to dyn. linked binaries in the initrd which will help for other tasks (ia6 4)
  • Improvement in udev support (do not use cl options not available in busybox)
  • Udev in mindi
    • auto creation of the right links at boot time with udev-links.conf(from Mandriva 2008.0)
    • rework startup of udev as current makes kernel crash (from Mandriva 2008.0)
    • add support for 64 bits udev
  • Try to render MyInsmod? silent at boot time
  • Adds udev support (mandatory for newest distributions to avoid remapping of devices in a different way as on the original system)
  • We also need vaft format support for USB boot
  • Adds libusual support (Ubuntu 7.10 needs it for USB)
  • Improve Ubuntu/Debian? keyboard detection and support
  • pbinit adapted to new pb (0.8.10). Filtering of docs done in it
  • Suppress some mondo warnings and errors on USB again
  • Tries to fix lack of files in deb mindi package
  • Verify should now work for USB devices
  • More log/mesages improvement for USB support
  • - Supress g_erase_tmpdir_and_scratchdir
  • Improve some log messages for USB support
  • Try to improve install in mindi to avoid issues with isolinux.cfg not installed vene if in the pkg :-(
  • Improve mindi-busybox build
  • In conformity with pb 0.8.9
  • Add support for Ubuntu 7.10 in build process
  • Add USB Key button to Menu UI (CD streamer removed)
  • Attempt to fix error messages on tmp/scratch files at the end by removing those dir at the latest possible.
  • Fix a bug linked to the size of the -E param which could be used (Arnaud Tiger/René? Ribaud).
  • Integrate ~/.pbrc content into mondorescue.pb (required project-builder >= 0.8.7)
  • Put mondorescue in conformity with new pb filtering rules
  • Add USB support at restore time (no test done yet). New start-usb script PB varibale added where useful
  • Unmounting USB device before removal of temporary scratchdir
  • Stil refining USB copy back to mondo (one command was not executed)
  • No need to have the image subdor in the csratchdir when USB.
  • umount the USB partition before attempting to use it
  • Remove useless copy from mindi to mondo at end of USB handling

(risky merge, we are raising the limits of 2 diverging branches. The status of stable is not completely sure as such. Will need lots of tests, but it's not yet done :-()
(merge -r1692:1769 $SVN_M/branches/2.2.5)

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2# For a description of the syntax of this configuration file,
3# see scripts/kbuild/config-language.txt.
6menu "Coreutils"
8config BASENAME
9    bool "basename"
10    default n
11    help
12      basename is used to strip the directory and suffix from filenames,
13      leaving just the filename itself.  Enable this option if you wish
14      to enable the 'basename' utility.
16config CAL
17    bool "cal"
18    default n
19    help
20      cal is used to display a monthly calender.
22config CAT
23    bool "cat"
24    default n
25    help
26      cat is used to concatenate files and print them to the standard
27      output.  Enable this option if you wish to enable the 'cat' utility.
29config CATV
30    bool "catv"
31    default n
32    help
33      Display nonprinting characters as escape sequences (like some
34      implementations' cat -v option).
36config CHGRP
37    bool "chgrp"
38    default n
39    help
40      chgrp is used to change the group ownership of files.
42config CHMOD
43    bool "chmod"
44    default n
45    help
46      chmod is used to change the access permission of files.
48config CHOWN
49    bool "chown"
50    default n
51    help
52      chown is used to change the user and/or group ownership
53      of files.
55config CHROOT
56    bool "chroot"
57    default n
58    help
59      chroot is used to change the root directory and run a command.
60      The default command is `/bin/sh'.
62config CKSUM
63    bool "cksum"
64    default n
65    help
66      cksum is used to calculate the CRC32 checksum of a file.
68config COMM
69    bool "comm"
70    default n
71    help
72      comm is used to compare two files line by line and return
73      a three-column output.
75config CP
76    bool "cp"
77    default n
78    help
79      cp is used to copy files and directories.
81config CUT
82    bool "cut"
83    default n
84    help
85      cut is used to print selected parts of lines from
86      each file to stdout.
88config DATE
89    bool "date"
90    default n
91    help
92      date is used to set the system date or display the
93      current time in the given format.
96    bool "Enable ISO date format output (-I)"
97    default y
98    depends on DATE
99    help
100      Enable option (-I) to output an ISO-8601 compliant
101      date/time string.
103config DD
104    bool "dd"
105    default n
106    help
107      dd copies a file (from standard input to standard output,
108      by default) using specific input and output blocksizes,
109      while optionally performing conversions on it.
112    bool "Enable DD signal handling for status reporting"
113    default y
114    depends on DD
115    help
116      sending a SIGUSR1 signal to a running `dd' process makes it
117      print to standard error the number of records read and written
118      so far, then to resume copying.
120      $ dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/null& pid=$! $ kill -USR1 $pid; sleep 1; kill $pid
121      10899206+0 records in 10899206+0 records out
124    bool "Enable ibs, obs and conv options"
125    default n
126    depends on DD
127    help
128      Enables support for writing a certain number of bytes in and out,
129      at a time, and performing conversions on the data stream.
131config DF
132    bool "df"
133    default n
134    help
135      df reports the amount of disk space used and available
136      on filesystems.
138config DIRNAME
139    bool "dirname"
140    default n
141    help
142      dirname is used to strip a non-directory suffix from
143      a file name.
145config DOS2UNIX
146    bool "dos2unix/unix2dos"
147    default n
148    help
149      dos2unix is used to convert a text file from DOS format to
150      UNIX format, and vice versa.
152config UNIX2DOS
153    bool
154    default y
155    depends on DOS2UNIX
156    help
157      unix2dos is used to convert a text file from UNIX format to
158      DOS format, and vice versa.
160config DU
161    bool "du (default blocksize of 512 bytes)"
162    default n
163    help
164      du is used to report the amount of disk space used
165      for specified files.
168    bool "Use a default blocksize of 1024 bytes (1K)"
169    default y
170    depends on DU
171    help
172      Use a blocksize of (1K) instead of the default 512b.
174config ECHO
175    bool "echo (basic SuSv3 version taking no options)"
176    default n
177    help
178      echo is used to print a specified string to stdout.
180# this entry also appears in shell/, next to the echo builtin
182    bool "Enable echo options (-n and -e)"
183    default y
184    depends on ECHO
185    help
186      This adds options (-n and -e) to echo.
188config ENV
189    bool "env"
190    default n
191    help
192      env is used to set an environment variable and run
193      a command; without options it displays the current
194      environment.
197    bool "Enable long options"
198    default n
199    depends on ENV && GETOPT_LONG
200    help
201      Support long options for the env applet.
203config EXPAND
204    bool "expand"
205    default n
206    help
207      By default, convert all tabs to spaces.
210    bool "Enable long options"
211    default n
212    depends on EXPAND && GETOPT_LONG
213    help
214      Support long options for the expand applet.
216config EXPR
217    bool "expr"
218    default n
219    help
220      expr is used to calculate numbers and print the result
221      to standard output.
223config EXPR_MATH_SUPPORT_64
224    bool "Extend Posix numbers support to 64 bit"
225    default n
226    depends on EXPR
227    help
228      Enable 64-bit math support in the expr applet.  This will make
229      the applet slightly larger, but will allow computation with very
230      large numbers.
232config FALSE
233    bool "false"
234    default n
235    help
236      false returns an exit code of FALSE (1).
238config FOLD
239    bool "fold"
240    default n
241    help
242      Wrap text to fit a specific width.
244config HEAD
245    bool "head"
246    default n
247    help
248      head is used to print the first specified number of lines
249      from files.
252    bool "Enable head options (-c, -q, and -v)"
253    default n
254    depends on HEAD
255    help
256      This enables the head options (-c, -q, and -v).
258config HOSTID
259    bool "hostid"
260    default n
261    help
262      hostid prints the numeric identifier (in hexadecimal) for
263      the current host.
265config ID
266    bool "id"
267    default n
268    help
269      id displays the current user and group ID names.
271config INSTALL
272    bool "install"
273    default n
274    help
275      Copy files and set attributes.
278    bool "Enable long options"
279    default n
280    depends on INSTALL && GETOPT_LONG
281    help
282      Support long options for the install applet.
284config LENGTH
285    bool "length"
286    default n
287    help
288      length is used to print out the length of a specified string.
290config LN
291    bool "ln"
292    default n
293    help
294      ln is used to create hard or soft links between files.
296config LOGNAME
297    bool "logname"
298    default n
299    help
300      logname is used to print the current user's login name.
302config LS
303    bool "ls"
304    default n
305    help
306      ls is used to list the contents of directories.
309    bool "Enable filetyping options (-p and -F)"
310    default y
311    depends on LS
312    help
313      Enable the ls options (-p and -F).
316    bool "Enable symlinks dereferencing (-L)"
317    default y
318    depends on LS
319    help
320      Enable the ls option (-L).
323    bool "Enable recursion (-R)"
324    default y
325    depends on LS
326    help
327      Enable the ls option (-R).
330    bool "Sort the file names"
331    default y
332    depends on LS
333    help
334      Allow ls to sort file names alphabetically.
337    bool "Show file timestamps"
338    default y
339    depends on LS
340    help
341      Allow ls to display timestamps for files.
344    bool "Show username/groupnames"
345    default y
346    depends on LS
347    help
348      Allow ls to display username/groupname for files.
351    bool "Allow use of color to identify file types"
352    default y
353    depends on LS && GETOPT_LONG
354    help
355      This enables the --color option to ls.
358    bool "Produce colored ls output by default"
359    default n
360    depends on FEATURE_LS_COLOR
361    help
362      Saying yes here will turn coloring on by default,
363      even if no "--color" option is given to the ls command.
364      This is not recommended, since the colors are not
365      configurable, and the output may not be legible on
366      many output screens.
368config MD5SUM
369    bool "md5sum"
370    default n
371    help
372      md5sum is used to print or check MD5 checksums.
374config MKDIR
375    bool "mkdir"
376    default n
377    help
378      mkdir is used to create directories with the specified names.
381    bool "Enable long options"
382    default n
383    depends on MKDIR && GETOPT_LONG
384    help
385      Support long options for the mkdir applet.
387config MKFIFO
388    bool "mkfifo"
389    default n
390    help
391      mkfifo is used to create FIFOs (named pipes).
392      The `mknod' program can also create FIFOs.
394config MKNOD
395    bool "mknod"
396    default n
397    help
398      mknod is used to create FIFOs or block/character special
399      files with the specified names.
401config MV
402    bool "mv"
403    default n
404    help
405      mv is used to move or rename files or directories.
408    bool "Enable long options"
409    default n
410    depends on MV && GETOPT_LONG
411    help
412      Support long options for the mv applet.
414config NICE
415    bool "nice"
416    default n
417    help
418      nice runs a program with modified scheduling priority.
420config NOHUP
421    bool "nohup"
422    default n
423    help
424      run a command immune to hangups, with output to a non-tty.
426config OD
427    bool "od"
428    default n
429    help
430      od is used to dump binary files in octal and other formats.
432config PRINTENV
433    bool "printenv"
434    default n
435    help
436      printenv is used to print all or part of environment.
438config PRINTF
439    bool "printf"
440    default n
441    help
442      printf is used to format and print specified strings.
443      It's similar to `echo' except it has more options.
445config PWD
446    bool "pwd"
447    default n
448    help
449      pwd is used to print the current directory.
451config READLINK
452    bool "readlink"
453    default n
454    help
455      This program reads a symbolic link and returns the name
456      of the file it points to
459    bool "Enable canonicalization by following all symlinks (-f)"
460    default n
461    depends on READLINK
462    help
463      Enable the readlink option (-f).
465config REALPATH
466    bool "realpath"
467    default n
468    help
469      Return the canonicalized absolute pathname.
470      This isn't provided by GNU shellutils, but where else does it belong.
472config RM
473    bool "rm"
474    default n
475    help
476      rm is used to remove files or directories.
478config RMDIR
479    bool "rmdir"
480    default n
481    help
482      rmdir is used to remove empty directories.
484config SEQ
485    bool "seq"
486    default n
487    help
488      print a sequence of numbers
490config SHA1SUM
491    bool "sha1sum"
492    default n
493    help
494      Compute and check SHA1 message digest
496config SLEEP
497    bool "sleep (single integer arg with no suffix)"
498    default n
499    help
500      sleep is used to pause for a specified number of seconds,
503    bool "Enable multiple integer args and optional time suffixes"
504    default n
505    depends on SLEEP
506    help
507      Allow sleep to pause for specified minutes, hours, and days.
509config SORT
510    bool "sort"
511    default n
512    help
513      sort is used to sort lines of text in specified files.
516    bool "full SuSv3 compliant sort (Support -ktcsbdfiozgM)"
517    default y
518    depends on SORT
519    help
520      Without this, sort only supports  -r, -u, and an integer version
521      of -n.  Selecting this adds sort keys, floating point support, and
522      more.  This adds a little over 3k to a nonstatic build on x86.
524      The SuSv3 sort standard is available at:
527config SPLIT
528    bool "split"
529    default n
530    help
531      split a file into pieces.
534    bool "fancy extensions"
535    default n
536    depends on SPLIT
537    help
538      Add support for features not required by SUSv3.
539      Supports additional suffixes 'b' for 512 bytes,
540      'g' for 1GiB for the -b option.
542config STAT
543    bool "stat"
544    default n
545    help
546      display file or filesystem status.
549    bool "Enable custom formats (-c)"
550    default n
551    depends on STAT
552    help
553      Without this, stat will not support the '-c format' option where
554      users can pass a custom format string for output.  This adds about
555      7k to a nonstatic build on amd64.
557config STTY
558    bool "stty"
559    default n
560    help
561      stty is used to change and print terminal line settings.
563config SUM
564    bool "sum"
565    default n
566    help
567      checksum and count the blocks in a file
569config SYNC
570    bool "sync"
571    default n
572    help
573      sync is used to flush filesystem buffers.
575config TAIL
576    bool "tail"
577    default n
578    help
579      tail is used to print the last specified number of lines
580      from files.
583    bool "Enable extra tail options (-q, -s, and -v)"
584    default y
585    depends on TAIL
586    help
587      The options (-q, -s, and -v) are provided by GNU tail, but
588      are not specific in the SUSv3 standard.
590config TEE
591    bool "tee"
592    default n
593    help
594      tee is used to read from standard input and write
595      to standard output and files.
598    bool "Enable block i/o (larger/faster) instead of byte i/o."
599    default n
600    depends on TEE
601    help
602      Enable this option for a faster tee, at expense of size.
604config TEST
605    bool "test"
606    default n
607    help
608      test is used to check file types and compare values,
609      returning an appropriate exit code.  The bash shell
610      has test built in, ash can build it in optionally.
612config FEATURE_TEST_64
613    bool "Extend test to 64 bit"
614    default n
615    depends on TEST
616    help
617      Enable 64-bit support in test.
619config TOUCH
620    bool "touch"
621    default n
622    help
623      touch is used to create or change the access and/or
624      modification timestamp of specified files.
626config TR
627    bool "tr"
628    default n
629    help
630      tr is used to squeeze, and/or delete characters from standard
631      input, writing to standard output.
634    bool "Enable character classes (such as [:upper:])"
635    default n
636    depends on TR
637    help
638      Enable character classes, enabling commands such as:
639      tr [:upper:] [:lower:] to convert input into lowercase.
642    bool "Enable equivalence classes"
643    default n
644    depends on TR
645    help
646      Enable equivalence classes, which essentially add the enclosed
647      character to the current set. For instance, tr [=a=] xyz would
648      replace all instances of 'a' with 'xyz'. This option is mainly
649      useful for cases when no other way of expressing a character
650      is possible.
652config TRUE
653    bool "true"
654    default n
655    help
656      true returns an exit code of TRUE (0).
658config TTY
659    bool "tty"
660    default n
661    help
662      tty is used to print the name of the current terminal to
663      standard output.
665config UNAME
666    bool "uname"
667    default n
668    help
669      uname is used to print system information.
671config UNEXPAND
672    bool "unexpand"
673    default n
674    help
675      By default, convert only leading sequences of blanks to tabs.
678    bool "Enable long options"
679    default n
680    depends on UNEXPAND && GETOPT_LONG
681    help
682      Support long options for the unexpand applet.
684config UNIQ
685    bool "uniq"
686    default n
687    help
688      uniq is used to remove duplicate lines from a sorted file.
690config USLEEP
691    bool "usleep"
692    default n
693    help
694      usleep is used to pause for a specified number of microseconds.
696config UUDECODE
697    bool "uudecode"
698    default n
699    help
700      uudecode is used to decode a uuencoded file.
702config UUENCODE
703    bool "uuencode"
704    default n
705    help
706      uuencode is used to uuencode a file.
708config WC
709    bool "wc"
710    default n
711    help
712      wc is used to print the number of bytes, words, and lines,
713      in specified files.
716    bool "Support very large files in wc"
717    default n
718    depends on WC
719    help
720      Use "unsigned long long" in wc for count variables
722config WHO
723    bool "who"
724    default n
725    select FEATURE_UTMP
726    help
727      who is used to show who is logged on.
729config WHOAMI
730    bool "whoami"
731    default n
732    help
733      whoami is used to print the username of the current
734      user id (same as id -un).
736config YES
737    bool "yes"
738    default n
739    help
740      yes is used to repeatedly output a specific string, or
741      the default string `y'.
743comment "Common options for cp and mv"
744    depends on CP || MV
747    bool "Preserve hard links"
748    default n
749    depends on CP || MV
750    help
751      Allow cp and mv to preserve hard links.
753comment "Common options for ls, more and telnet"
754    depends on LS || MORE || TELNET
757    bool "Calculate terminal & column widths"
758    default y
759    depends on LS || MORE || TELNET
760    help
761      This option allows utilities such as 'ls', 'more' and 'telnet'
762      to determine the width of the screen, which can allow them to
763      display additional text or avoid wrapping text onto the next line.
764      If you leave this disabled, your utilities will be especially
765      primitive and will be unable to determine the current screen width.
767comment "Common options for df, du, ls"
768    depends on DF || DU || LS
771    bool "Support for human readable output (example 13k, 23M, 235G)"
772    default n
773    depends on DF || DU || LS
774    help
775      Allow df, du, and ls to have human readable output.
777comment "Common options for md5sum, sha1sum"
778    depends on MD5SUM || SHA1SUM
781    bool "Enable -c, -s and -w options"
782    default n
783    depends on MD5SUM || SHA1SUM
784    help
785      Enabling the -c options allows files to be checked
786      against pre-calculated hash values.
788      -s and -w are useful options when verifying checksums.
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