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Fix NTFS support at restore time (Conor Daly)

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[541]1# Mindi-Linux's dependency list                                      07/10/2004
3# NB:
4# 1. Directories are allowed. Their contents will be included by Mindi.
5# 2. If you put 'libncurses' (w/o quotation marks) on an uncommented line then
6#    Mindi will find /lib/libncurses* and include all matching files.
[541]7# 3. You may give an absolute path if you think Mindi will have trouble finding
8#    the file on its own.
[1]9# 4. If you want to add something, just add it on its own line. K.I.S.S.
10# 5. You must _not_ put a semicolon & comment after an entry. e.g. 'foo; #bar'.
[541]12#------------------------- STUFF ADDED BY THE USER ----------------------------
13#---vvvv     vvvv     vvvv  list your stuff here!  vvvv     vvvv     vvvv
15# bar
16# foo
18#---^^^^     ^^^^     ^^^^  list your stuff here!  ^^^^     ^^^^     ^^^^
[541]21#----- Covers a multitude of sins, including XFS, JFS, ReiserFS, and RAID -----
[2147]22mkfs mkswap mkswapfs mkfs.swap mkfs.ext2 mke2fs mkfs.vfat mkfs.ntfs mkfs.dos mkdosfs mkvfatfs mkntfs mkfatfs mkreiserfs mkfs.reiserfs mkfs.reiser mkfs.ext3 mke3fs mkfs.ext4 mke4fs mkfs.jfs mkfs.xfs mkfs.ocfs2 mkxfs mkjfs mkxfsfs mkjfsfs logdump logredo xchkdmp xchklog xpeek mkpv mkraid raid0run raidhotadd raidhotremove raidsetfaulty raidstart raidstop e2label tune2fs e2fsadm mdadm /etc/mke2fs.conf reiserfstune
[2093]23fsck fsck.ext2 fsck.reiserfs fsck.reiser fsck.xfs fsck.ext3 fsck.jfs badblocks fsck.ext4
[1]26#-------------------------------- ESSENTIAL -----------------------------------
[1922]27fstab raidtab
[1587]29/etc/mdadm/mdadm.conf /etc/mdadm.conf
[2072]30/sbin/multipath /sbin/dmsetup /sbin/kpartx /sbin/dmraid /sbin/scsi_id /sbin/mpath_prio_alua /sbin/mpath_wait /sbin/mpath_ctl /sbin/mpath_prio_emc /sbin/mpath_prio_hds_modular /sbin/mpath_prio_netapp /sbin/mpath_prio_ontap /sbin/mpath_prio_rdac /sbin/mpath_prio_tpc
[2031]32afio star ntfsclone parted partprobe ms-sys file getfattr setfattr getfacl setfacl
[541]35bzip2 bunzip2 lzop
[1922]37# Everything needed to handle modules correctly
38insmod lsmod /sbin/modprobe
39/etc/modprobe.d /etc/modprobe.conf /etc/modules.conf /etc/conf.modules /etc/modules.conf.local
[1623]41hosts host.conf resolv.conf hosts.allow hosts.deny nsswitch.conf
[541]42klogd sysklogd
[2031]43fdisk hdparm uname
[1928]45# These lines require absolute paths now !
47/sbin/mount.nfs /sbin/mount.nfs4
49/sbin/mount.cifs /sbin/mount.cifs3
50/sbin/mount.smb /sbin/mount.smb3
51/sbin/mount.smbfs /sbin/mount.smbfs3
[2147]52/sbin/mount.ntfs /sbin/mount.ntfs-3g
[1741]53# helps for debugging
[2086]56# busybox df doesn't support -P which is used now
60devfsd burnBX burnK6 burnK7 burnMMX burnP5 burnP6 lucifer tiobench tiotest bonnie++ mprime ide-smart
[1793]62# For udev
[1741]66# For file command
67/usr/share/misc/file/magic /usr/share/file/magic
[1802]69# For swap uuid support, ia64 and probably then more in the future
[1840]71# For menu management on ia64
[872]74# For Debug  mode
[1902]75# gdb valgrind /usr/lib/valgrind
78# Proliant extended support if available
79# Look at
80conrep cpqacuxe hponcfg
[1922]82#----------------- For all you LVM users out there, much love -----------------
84lvmiopversion lvchange lvcreate lvdisplay lvextend lvmchange lvmcreate_initrd lvmdiskscan lvmsadc lvmsar lvreduce lvremove lvrename lvscan pvchange pvcreate pvdata pvdisplay pvmove pvscan vgcfgbackup vgcfgrestore vgchange vgck vgcreate vgdisplay vgexport vgextend vgimport vgmerge vgmknodes vgreduce vgremove vgrename vgscan vgsplit liblvm lvm lvm-10 /etc/lvm/lvm.conf
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