source: MondoRescue/branches/2.2.7/mondo/src/restore-scripts/mondo/

Last change on this file was 1989, checked in by Bruno Cornec, 12 years ago
  • Rwmove ChopUpAndCopyFile? in mindi
  • mindi doesn't use slices anymore (no need as no floppy anymore)
  • Removal of sone useless scripts under restore-scripts/mondo
  • Property svn:keywords set to Id
File size: 352 bytes
1restoremondodir = $(pkgdatadir)/restore-scripts/mondo
2restoremondo_SCRIPTS = grub-MR hack-fstab hack-grub hack-lilo hack-elilo \
3                        label-partitions-as-necessary \
4                        make-me-bootable mount-me mount-subroutine-me raw-MR \
5                        stabgrub-me stablilo-me stabelilo-me \
6                        stabraw-me unmount-me unmount-subroutine-me
7                        format-and-kludge-vfat
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