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New locations for mondo and mindi:

for distros for file base install

/usr/sbin/mindi /usr/local/sbin/mindi
/usr/sbin/analyze-my-lvm /usr/local/sbin/analyze-my-lvm
/usr/sbin/mondoarchive /usr/local/sbin/mondoarchive
/usr/sbin/mondorestore /usr/local/sbin/mondorestore
/etc/m?nd? /usr/local/etc/m?nd?
/usr/share/doc/m?nd?* /usr/local/share/doc/m?nd?*
/usr/share/man/man8/m?nd?*.8 /usr/local/share/man/man8/m?nd?*.8
/usr/lib/m?nd? /usr/local/lib/m?nd?

(mondo needs to be finished - untested yet)

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File size: 375 bytes
1# Note that configure will define @XMONDO@ to be "xmondo" if X support
2# is enabled, "" if not
3SUBDIRS        = common mondoarchive mondorestore @XMONDO@ docs restore-scripts
4DIST_SUBDIRS   = common mondoarchive mondorestore xmondo docs restore-scripts
6pkglib_DATA   = do-not-compress-these autorun
8install-data-hook: post-nuke.sample
9    cp -R post-nuke.sample $(pkglibdir)/
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