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1README for mondo/mindi usage with PXE
3mondorescue now supports the possibility to deploy mondo-images using the Pre eXecution Environment (PXE) standard.
4As this README only focusses on the mondorescue part, please read how to do Linux deployments with pxelinux on
6To use it, please do the following on your deployment server:
8Add the following line to your default file:
10        kernel vmlinuz-mondo
11        initrd initrd-mondo pxe [prefix="machine"] ...
13The initrd and kernel file come rom the first bootable media
14created by mondoarchive.
15If you mount it you should find what you need under /images
16with a name like mindi-bootroot.8192.img
17initrd is mindi.rdz and kernel is vmlinuz
19Thus the PXE ROM will boot mondo's kernel and mondo's initrd in memory and will append all the right configuration options (as you find in syslinux.cfg on the mindi's floppy image) to which you need to add the keyword pxe.
20(You need to have backup your data using the NFS option of mondoarchive)
22If you used the -p option of mondoarchive, you'll have to specify the real name of mondo images to use during restore. To do that use prefix=machine on the initrd line, after the pxe keyword, to load the ISO images saved with -p machine.
23Without prefix keyword, images name mondorescue-1.iso, ... will be used.
25During boot mondorestore will start your NFS configuration and mount mondo's content from the network rather than from a physical media.
27Please report any problem around that tool to
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