Ticket #450: defconfig.txt

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1scripts/kconfig/conf -d Config.in
3* Busybox Configuration
6* Busybox Settings
9* General Configuration
11See lots more (probably unnecessary) configuration options. (NITPICK) [Y/n/?] y
12Enable options for full-blown desktop systems (DESKTOP) [N/y/?] n
13Buffer allocation policy
14> 1. Allocate with Malloc (FEATURE_BUFFERS_USE_MALLOC)
15  2. Allocate on the Stack (FEATURE_BUFFERS_GO_ON_STACK)
16  3. Allocate in the .bss section (FEATURE_BUFFERS_GO_IN_BSS)
17choice[1-3?]: 1
18Show terse applet usage messages (SHOW_USAGE) [Y/?] y
19Show verbose applet usage messages (FEATURE_VERBOSE_USAGE) [Y/n/?] y
20Store applet usage messages in compressed form (FEATURE_COMPRESS_USAGE) [Y/n/?] y
21Support --install [-s] to install applet links at runtime (FEATURE_INSTALLER) [Y/n/?] y
22Enable locale support (system needs locale for this to work) (LOCALE_SUPPORT) [Y/n/?] y
23Enable support for --long-options (GETOPT_LONG) [Y/n/?] y
24Use the devpts filesystem for Unix98 PTYs (FEATURE_DEVPTS) [Y/n/?] y
25Clean up all memory before exiting (usually not needed) (FEATURE_CLEAN_UP) [N/y/?] n
26Support writing pidfiles (FEATURE_PIDFILE) [Y/n/?] y
27Support for SUID/SGID handling (FEATURE_SUID) [Y/?] y
28  Runtime SUID/SGID configuration via /etc/busybox.conf (FEATURE_SUID_CONFIG) [Y/n/?] y
29    Suppress warning message if /etc/busybox.conf is not readable (FEATURE_SUID_CONFIG_QUIET) [Y/n/?] y
30Support NSA Security Enhanced Linux (SELINUX) [N/y/?] n
31exec prefers applets (FEATURE_PREFER_APPLETS) [N/y/?] n
32Path to BusyBox executable (BUSYBOX_EXEC_PATH) [/proc/self/exe] /proc/self/exe
33Support for logging to syslog (FEATURE_SYSLOG) [Y/?] y
34RPC support (FEATURE_HAVE_RPC) [Y/?] y
36* Build Options
38Build BusyBox as a static binary (no shared libs) (STATIC) [N/y/?] n
39Build shared libbusybox (BUILD_LIBBUSYBOX) [N/y/?] n
40Build with Large File Support (for accessing files > 2 GB) (LFS) [Y/n/?] y
41Compile all sources at once (BUILD_AT_ONCE) [N/y/?] n
43* Debugging Options
45Build BusyBox with extra Debugging symbols (DEBUG) [N/y/?] n
46Abort compilation on any warning (WERROR) [N/y/?] n
47Additional debugging library
48> 1. None (NO_DEBUG_LIB)
49  2. Dmalloc (DMALLOC)
50  3. Electric-fence (EFENCE)
51choice[1-3?]: 1
52Enable obsolete features removed before SUSv3? (INCLUDE_SUSv2) [Y/n/?] y
54* Installation Options
56Don't use /usr (INSTALL_NO_USR) [N/y/?] n
57Applets links
58> 1. as soft-links (INSTALL_APPLET_SYMLINKS)
59  2. as hard-links (INSTALL_APPLET_HARDLINKS)
60  3. not installed (INSTALL_APPLET_DONT)
61choice[1-3?]: 1
62BusyBox installation prefix (PREFIX) [./_install] ./_install
64* Busybox Library Tuning
66Minimum password length (PASSWORD_MINLEN) [6] 6
67 MD5: Trade Bytes for Speed (MD5_SIZE_VS_SPEED) [2] 2
68Faster /proc scanning code (+100 bytes) (FEATURE_FAST_TOP) [Y/n/?] y
69Support for /etc/networks (FEATURE_ETC_NETWORKS) [N/y/?] n
70Command line editing (FEATURE_EDITING) [Y/n/?] y
71  Maximum length of input (FEATURE_EDITING_MAX_LEN) [1024] 1024
72  Additional editing keys (FEATURE_EDITING_FANCY_KEYS) [N/y/?] n
73  vi-style line editing commands (FEATURE_EDITING_VI) [N/y/?] n
74  History size (FEATURE_EDITING_HISTORY) [15] 15
75  History saving (FEATURE_EDITING_SAVEHISTORY) [N/y/?] n
76  Tab completion (FEATURE_TAB_COMPLETION) [N/y/?] n
77  Fancy shell prompts (FEATURE_EDITING_FANCY_PROMPT) [N/y/?] n
78Use clock_gettime(CLOCK_MONOTONIC) syscall (MONOTONIC_SYSCALL) [N/y/?] n
79Use ioctl names rather than hex values in error messages (IOCTL_HEX2STR_ERROR) [Y/n/?] y
81* Applets
84* Archival Utilities
86ar (AR) [Y/n/?] y
87  Enable support for long filenames (not need for debs) (FEATURE_AR_LONG_FILENAMES) [Y/n/?] y
88bunzip2 (BUNZIP2) [Y/n/?] y
89cpio (CPIO) [Y/n/?] y
90dpkg (DPKG) [N/y/?] n
91dpkg_deb (DPKG_DEB) [N/y/?] n
92gunzip (GUNZIP) [Y/n/?] y
93  Uncompress support (FEATURE_GUNZIP_UNCOMPRESS) [Y/n/?] y
94gzip (GZIP) [Y/n/?] y
95rpm2cpio (RPM2CPIO) [Y/n/?] y
96rpm (RPM) [Y/n/?] y
97  Enable handling of rpms with bzip2-compressed data inside (FEATURE_RPM_BZ2) [Y/n/?] y
98tar (TAR) [Y/n/?] y
99  Enable archive creation (FEATURE_TAR_CREATE) [Y/n/?] y
100  Enable -j option to handle .tar.bz2 files (FEATURE_TAR_BZIP2) [Y/n/?] y
101  Enable -a option to handle .tar.lzma files (FEATURE_TAR_LZMA) [Y/n/?] y
102  Enable -X (exclude from) and -T (include from) options) (FEATURE_TAR_FROM) [Y/n/?] y
103  Enable -z option (FEATURE_TAR_GZIP) [Y/n/?] y
104  Enable -Z option (FEATURE_TAR_COMPRESS) [Y/n/?] y
105  Enable support for old tar header format (FEATURE_TAR_OLDGNU_COMPATIBILITY) [Y/n/?] y
106  Enable untarring of tarballs with checksums produced by buggy Sun tar (FEATURE_TAR_OLDSUN_COMPATIBILITY) [Y/n/?] y
107  Enable support for some GNU tar extensions (FEATURE_TAR_GNU_EXTENSIONS) [Y/n/?] y
108  Enable long options (FEATURE_TAR_LONG_OPTIONS) [Y/n/?] y
109uncompress (UNCOMPRESS) [Y/n/?] y
110unlzma (UNLZMA) [Y/n/?] y
111  Optimze unlzma for speed (FEATURE_LZMA_FAST) [Y/n/?] y
112unzip (UNZIP) [Y/n/?] y
114* Common options for cpio and tar
116Enable tape drive support (FEATURE_UNARCHIVE_TAPE) [Y/n/?] y
118* Coreutils
120basename (BASENAME) [Y/n/?] y
121cal (CAL) [Y/n/?] y
122cat (CAT) [Y/n/?] y
123catv (CATV) [Y/n/?] y
124chgrp (CHGRP) [Y/n/?] y
125chmod (CHMOD) [Y/n/?] y
126chown (CHOWN) [Y/n/?] y
127chroot (CHROOT) [Y/n/?] y
128cksum (CKSUM) [Y/n/?] y
129comm (COMM) [Y/n/?] y
130cp (CP) [Y/n/?] y
131cut (CUT) [Y/n/?] y
132date (DATE) [Y/n/?] y
133  Enable ISO date format output (-I) (FEATURE_DATE_ISOFMT) [Y/n/?] y
134dd (DD) [Y/n/?] y
135  Enable DD signal handling for status reporting (FEATURE_DD_SIGNAL_HANDLING) [Y/n/?] y
136  Enable ibs, obs and conv options (FEATURE_DD_IBS_OBS) [Y/n/?] y
137df (DF) [Y/n/?] y
138dirname (DIRNAME) [Y/n/?] y
139dos2unix/unix2dos (DOS2UNIX) [Y/n/?] y
140du (default blocksize of 512 bytes) (DU) [Y/n/?] y
141  Use a default blocksize of 1024 bytes (1K) (FEATURE_DU_DEFAULT_BLOCKSIZE_1K) [Y/n/?] y
142echo (basic SuSv3 version taking no options) (ECHO) [Y/?] y
143  Enable echo options (-n and -e) (FEATURE_FANCY_ECHO) [Y/n/?] y
144env (ENV) [Y/n/?] y
145  Enable long options (FEATURE_ENV_LONG_OPTIONS) [Y/n/?] y
146expand (EXPAND) [Y/n/?] y
147  Enable long options (FEATURE_EXPAND_LONG_OPTIONS) [Y/n/?] y
148expr (EXPR) [Y/n/?] y
149  Extend Posix numbers support to 64 bit (EXPR_MATH_SUPPORT_64) [Y/n/?] y
150false (FALSE) [Y/n/?] y
151fold (FOLD) [Y/n/?] y
152head (HEAD) [Y/n/?] y
153  Enable head options (-c, -q, and -v) (FEATURE_FANCY_HEAD) [Y/n/?] y
154hostid (HOSTID) [Y/n/?] y
155id (ID) [Y/n/?] y
156install (INSTALL) [Y/n/?] y
157  Enable long options (FEATURE_INSTALL_LONG_OPTIONS) [Y/n/?] y
158length (LENGTH) [Y/n/?] y
159ln (LN) [Y/n/?] y
160logname (LOGNAME) [Y/n/?] y
161ls (LS) [Y/n/?] y
162  Enable filetyping options (-p and -F) (FEATURE_LS_FILETYPES) [Y/n/?] y
163  Enable symlinks dereferencing (-L) (FEATURE_LS_FOLLOWLINKS) [Y/n/?] y
164  Enable recursion (-R) (FEATURE_LS_RECURSIVE) [Y/n/?] y
165  Sort the file names (FEATURE_LS_SORTFILES) [Y/n/?] y
166  Show file timestamps (FEATURE_LS_TIMESTAMPS) [Y/n/?] y
167  Show username/groupnames (FEATURE_LS_USERNAME) [Y/n/?] y
168  Allow use of color to identify file types (FEATURE_LS_COLOR) [Y/n/?] y
169    Produce colored ls output by default (FEATURE_LS_COLOR_IS_DEFAULT) [Y/n/?] y
170md5sum (MD5SUM) [Y/n/?] y
171mkdir (MKDIR) [Y/n/?] y
172  Enable long options (FEATURE_MKDIR_LONG_OPTIONS) [Y/n/?] y
173mkfifo (MKFIFO) [Y/n/?] y
174mknod (MKNOD) [Y/n/?] y
175mv (MV) [Y/n/?] y
176  Enable long options (FEATURE_MV_LONG_OPTIONS) [Y/n/?] y
177nice (NICE) [Y/n/?] y
178nohup (NOHUP) [Y/n/?] y
179od (OD) [Y/n/?] y
180printenv (PRINTENV) [Y/n/?] y
181printf (PRINTF) [Y/n/?] y
182pwd (PWD) [Y/n/?] y
183readlink (READLINK) [Y/n/?] y
184  Enable canonicalization by following all symlinks (-f) (FEATURE_READLINK_FOLLOW) [Y/n/?] y
185realpath (REALPATH) [Y/n/?] y
186rm (RM) [Y/n/?] y
187rmdir (RMDIR) [Y/n/?] y
188seq (SEQ) [Y/n/?] y
189sha1sum (SHA1SUM) [Y/n/?] y
190sleep (single integer arg with no suffix) (SLEEP) [Y/n/?] y
191  Enable multiple integer args and optional time suffixes (FEATURE_FANCY_SLEEP) [Y/n/?] y
192sort (SORT) [Y/n/?] y
193  full SuSv3 compliant sort (Support -ktcsbdfiozgM) (FEATURE_SORT_BIG) [Y/n/?] y
194split (SPLIT) [Y/n/?] y
195  fancy extensions (FEATURE_SPLIT_FANCY) [Y/n/?] y
196stat (STAT) [Y/n/?] y
197  Enable custom formats (-c) (FEATURE_STAT_FORMAT) [Y/n/?] y
198stty (STTY) [Y/n/?] y
199sum (SUM) [Y/n/?] y
200sync (SYNC) [Y/n/?] y
201tail (TAIL) [Y/n/?] y
202  Enable extra tail options (-q, -s, and -v) (FEATURE_FANCY_TAIL) [Y/n/?] y
203tee (TEE) [Y/n/?] y
204  Enable block i/o (larger/faster) instead of byte i/o. (FEATURE_TEE_USE_BLOCK_IO) [Y/n/?] y
205test (TEST) [Y/?] y
206  Extend test to 64 bit (FEATURE_TEST_64) [Y/n/?] y
207touch (TOUCH) [Y/n/?] y
208tr (TR) [Y/n/?] y
209  Enable character classes (such as [:upper:]) (FEATURE_TR_CLASSES) [Y/n/?] y
210  Enable equivalence classes (FEATURE_TR_EQUIV) [Y/n/?] y
211true (TRUE) [Y/n/?] y
212tty (TTY) [Y/n/?] y
213uname (UNAME) [Y/n/?] y
214unexpand (UNEXPAND) [Y/n/?] y
215  Enable long options (FEATURE_UNEXPAND_LONG_OPTIONS) [Y/n/?] y
216uniq (UNIQ) [Y/n/?] y
217usleep (USLEEP) [Y/n/?] y
218uudecode (UUDECODE) [Y/n/?] y
219uuencode (UUENCODE) [Y/n/?] y
220wc (WC) [Y/n/?] y
221  Support very large files in wc (FEATURE_WC_LARGE) [Y/n/?] y
222who (WHO) [Y/n/?] y
223whoami (WHOAMI) [Y/n/?] y
224yes (YES) [Y/n/?] y
226* Common options for cp and mv
228Preserve hard links (FEATURE_PRESERVE_HARDLINKS) [Y/n/?] y
230* Common options for ls, more and telnet
232Calculate terminal & column widths (FEATURE_AUTOWIDTH) [Y/n/?] y
234* Common options for df, du, ls
236Support for human readable output (example 13k, 23M, 235G) (FEATURE_HUMAN_READABLE) [Y/n/?] y
238* Common options for md5sum, sha1sum
240Enable -c, -s and -w options (FEATURE_MD5_SHA1_SUM_CHECK) [Y/n/?] y
242* Console Utilities
244chvt (CHVT) [Y/n/?] y
245clear (CLEAR) [Y/n/?] y
246deallocvt (DEALLOCVT) [Y/n/?] y
247dumpkmap (DUMPKMAP) [Y/n/?] y
248loadfont (LOADFONT) [Y/n/?] y
249loadkmap (LOADKMAP) [Y/n/?] y
250openvt (OPENVT) [Y/n/?] y
251reset (RESET) [Y/n/?] y
252resize (RESIZE) [Y/n/?] y
253  print environment variables (FEATURE_RESIZE_PRINT) [Y/n/?] y
254setconsole (SETCONSOLE) [Y/n/?] y
255  Enable long options (FEATURE_SETCONSOLE_LONG_OPTIONS) [Y/n/?] y
256setkeycodes (SETKEYCODES) [Y/n/?] y
257setlogcons (SETLOGCONS) [Y/n/?] y
259* Debian Utilities
261mktemp (MKTEMP) [Y/n/?] y
262pipe_progress (PIPE_PROGRESS) [Y/n/?] y
263run-parts (RUN_PARTS) [Y/n/?] y
264  Enable long options (FEATURE_RUN_PARTS_LONG_OPTIONS) [Y/n/?] y
265  Support additional arguments (FEATURE_RUN_PARTS_FANCY) [Y/n/?] y
266start-stop-daemon (START_STOP_DAEMON) [Y/n/?] y
267  Support additional arguments (FEATURE_START_STOP_DAEMON_FANCY) [Y/n/?] y
268  Enable long options (FEATURE_START_STOP_DAEMON_LONG_OPTIONS) [Y/n/?] y
269which (WHICH) [Y/n/?] y
271* Editors
273awk (AWK) [Y/n/?] y
274  Enable math functions (requires libm) (FEATURE_AWK_MATH) [Y/n/?] y
275cmp (CMP) [Y/n/?] y
276diff (DIFF) [Y/n/?] y
277  Enable checks for binary files (FEATURE_DIFF_BINARY) [Y/n/?] y
278  Enable directory support (FEATURE_DIFF_DIR) [Y/n/?] y
279  Enable -d option to find smaller sets of changes (FEATURE_DIFF_MINIMAL) [Y/n/?] y
280ed (ED) [Y/n/?] y
281patch (PATCH) [Y/n/?] y
282sed (SED) [Y/n/?] y
283vi (VI) [Y/n/?] y
284  Maximum line length in vi (FEATURE_VI_MAX_LEN) [1024] 1024
285  Enable ":" colon commands (no "ex" mode) (FEATURE_VI_COLON) [Y/n/?] y
286  Enable yank/put commands and mark cmds (FEATURE_VI_YANKMARK) [Y/n/?] y
287  Enable search and replace cmds (FEATURE_VI_SEARCH) [Y/n/?] y
288  Catch signals (FEATURE_VI_USE_SIGNALS) [Y/n/?] y
289  Remember previous cmd and "." cmd (FEATURE_VI_DOT_CMD) [Y/n/?] y
290  Enable -R option and "view" mode (FEATURE_VI_READONLY) [Y/n/?] y
291  Enable set-able options, ai ic showmatch (FEATURE_VI_SETOPTS) [Y/n/?] y
292  Support for :set (FEATURE_VI_SET) [Y/n/?] y
293  Handle window resize (FEATURE_VI_WIN_RESIZE) [Y/n/?] y
294  Optimize cursor movement (FEATURE_VI_OPTIMIZE_CURSOR) [Y/n/?] y
295  Allow vi and awk to execute shell commands (FEATURE_ALLOW_EXEC) [Y/n/?] y
297* Finding Utilities
299find (FIND) [Y/n/?] y
300  Enable -print0 option (FEATURE_FIND_PRINT0) [Y/n/?] y
301  Enable modified time matching (-mtime) option (FEATURE_FIND_MTIME) [Y/n/?] y
302  Enable modified time matching (-mmin) option (FEATURE_FIND_MMIN) [Y/n/?] y
303  Enable permissions matching (-perm) option (FEATURE_FIND_PERM) [Y/n/?] y
304  Enable filetype matching (-type) option (FEATURE_FIND_TYPE) [Y/n/?] y
305  Enable stay in filesystem (-xdev) option (FEATURE_FIND_XDEV) [Y/n/?] y
306  Enable -maxdepth N option (FEATURE_FIND_MAXDEPTH) [Y/n/?] y
307  Enable -newer option for comparing file mtimes (FEATURE_FIND_NEWER) [Y/n/?] y
308  Enable inode number matching (-inum) option (FEATURE_FIND_INUM) [Y/n/?] y
309  Enable (-exec) option allowing execution of commands (FEATURE_FIND_EXEC) [Y/n/?] y
310  Enable username/uid matching (-user) option (FEATURE_FIND_USER) [Y/n/?] y
311  Enable group/gid matching (-group) option (FEATURE_FIND_GROUP) [Y/n/?] y
312  Enable the 'not' (!) operator (FEATURE_FIND_NOT) [Y/n/?] y
313  Enable the -depth option (FEATURE_FIND_DEPTH) [Y/n/?] y
314  Enable parens in options (FEATURE_FIND_PAREN) [Y/n/?] y
315  Enable (-size) option allowing matching for file size (FEATURE_FIND_SIZE) [Y/n/?] y
316  Enable (-prune) option allowing to exclude subdirectories (FEATURE_FIND_PRUNE) [Y/n/?] y
317  Enable -delete option allowing to delete files (FEATURE_FIND_DELETE) [Y/n/?] y
318  Enable -path option allowing to match pathname patterns (FEATURE_FIND_PATH) [Y/n/?] y
319  Enable -regex: match pathname to regex (FEATURE_FIND_REGEX) [Y/n/?] y
320grep (GREP) [Y/n/?] y
321  Support extended regular expressions (egrep & grep -E) (FEATURE_GREP_EGREP_ALIAS) [Y/n/?] y
322  Alias fgrep to grep -F (FEATURE_GREP_FGREP_ALIAS) [Y/n/?] y
323  Enable before and after context flags (-A, -B and -C) (FEATURE_GREP_CONTEXT) [Y/n/?] y
324xargs (XARGS) [Y/n/?] y
325  Enable prompt and confirmation option -p (FEATURE_XARGS_SUPPORT_CONFIRMATION) [Y/n/?] y
326  Enable support single and double quotes and backslash (FEATURE_XARGS_SUPPORT_QUOTES) [Y/n/?] y
327  Enable support options -x (FEATURE_XARGS_SUPPORT_TERMOPT) [Y/n/?] y
328  Enable null terminated option -0 (FEATURE_XARGS_SUPPORT_ZERO_TERM) [Y/n/?] y
330* Init Utilities
332init (INIT) [Y/n/?] y
333  debugging aid (DEBUG_INIT) [N/y/?] n
334  Support reading an inittab file (FEATURE_USE_INITTAB) [Y/n/?] y
335  Support running commands with a controlling-tty (FEATURE_INIT_SCTTY) [Y/n/?] y
336  Enable init to write to syslog (FEATURE_INIT_SYSLOG) [N/y] n
337  Be _extra_ quiet on boot (FEATURE_EXTRA_QUIET) [Y/n/?] y
338  Support dumping core for child processes (debugging only) (FEATURE_INIT_COREDUMPS) [Y/n/?] y
339  Support running init from within an initrd (not initramfs) (FEATURE_INITRD) [Y/n/?] y
340poweroff, halt, and reboot (HALT) [Y/n/?] y
341mesg (MESG) [Y/n/?] y
343* Login/Password Management Utilities
345Support for shadow passwords (FEATURE_SHADOWPASSWDS) [Y/n/?] y
346    Use busybox shadow password functions (USE_BB_SHADOW) [Y/n/?] y
347Use internal password and group functions rather than system functions (USE_BB_PWD_GRP) [Y/n/?] y
348addgroup (ADDGROUP) [Y/n/?] y
349  Support for adding users to groups (FEATURE_ADDUSER_TO_GROUP) [Y/n/?] y
350delgroup (DELGROUP) [Y/n/?] y
351  Support for removing users from groups. (FEATURE_DEL_USER_FROM_GROUP) [Y/n/?] y
352adduser (ADDUSER) [Y/n/?] y
353deluser (DELUSER) [Y/n/?] y
354getty (GETTY) [Y/n/?] y
355  Support utmp file (FEATURE_UTMP) [Y/?] y
356  Support wtmp file (FEATURE_WTMP) [Y/?] y
357login (LOGIN) [Y/n/?] y
358  Support for PAM (Pluggable Authentication Modules) (PAM) [N/y/?] n
359  Support for login scripts (LOGIN_SCRIPTS) [Y/n/?] y
360  Support for /etc/nologin (FEATURE_NOLOGIN) [Y/n/?] y
361  Support for /etc/securetty (FEATURE_SECURETTY) [Y/n/?] y
362passwd (PASSWD) [Y/n/?] y
363  Check new passwords for weakness (FEATURE_PASSWD_WEAK_CHECK) [Y/n/?] y
364cryptpw (CRYPTPW) [Y/n/?] y
365chpasswd (CHPASSWD) [Y/n/?] y
366su (SU) [Y/n/?] y
367  Enable su to write to syslog (FEATURE_SU_SYSLOG) [Y/n] y
368  Enable su to check user's shell to be listed in /etc/shells (FEATURE_SU_CHECKS_SHELLS) [Y/n] y
369sulogin (SULOGIN) [Y/n/?] y
370vlock (VLOCK) [Y/n/?] y
372* Linux Ext2 FS Progs
374chattr (CHATTR) [Y/n/?] y
375fsck (FSCK) [Y/n/?] y
376lsattr (LSATTR) [Y/n/?] y
378* Linux Module Utilities
380insmod (INSMOD) [Y/n/?] y
381  Module version checking (FEATURE_INSMOD_VERSION_CHECKING) [Y/n/?] y
382  Add module symbols to kernel symbol table (FEATURE_INSMOD_KSYMOOPS_SYMBOLS) [Y/n/?] y
383  In kernel memory optimization (uClinux only) (FEATURE_INSMOD_LOADINKMEM) [Y/n/?] y
384  Enable load map (-m) option (FEATURE_INSMOD_LOAD_MAP) [Y/n/?] y
385    Symbols in load map (FEATURE_INSMOD_LOAD_MAP_FULL) [Y/n/?] y
386rmmod (RMMOD) [Y/n/?] y
387lsmod (LSMOD) [Y/n/?] y
388  lsmod pretty output for 2.6.x Linux kernels  (FEATURE_LSMOD_PRETTY_2_6_OUTPUT) [Y/n/?] y
389modprobe (MODPROBE) [Y/n/?] y
390  Multiple options parsing (FEATURE_MODPROBE_MULTIPLE_OPTIONS) [Y/n/?] y
391  Fancy alias parsing (FEATURE_MODPROBE_FANCY_ALIAS) [Y/n/?] y
392  *
393  * Options common to multiple modutils
394  *
395Support tainted module checking with new kernels (FEATURE_CHECK_TAINTED_MODULE) [Y/n/?] y
396Support version 2.2.x to 2.4.x Linux kernels (FEATURE_2_4_MODULES) [Y/n/?] y
397Support version 2.6.x Linux kernels (FEATURE_2_6_MODULES) [Y/n/?] y
399* Linux System Utilities
401dmesg (DMESG) [Y/n/?] y
402  pretty dmesg output (FEATURE_DMESG_PRETTY) [Y/n/?] y
403fbset (FBSET) [Y/n/?] y
404  Turn on extra fbset options (FEATURE_FBSET_FANCY) [Y/n/?] y
405  Turn on fbset readmode support (FEATURE_FBSET_READMODE) [Y/n/?] y
406fdflush (FDFLUSH) [Y/n/?] y
407fdformat (FDFORMAT) [Y/n/?] y
408fdisk (FDISK) [Y/n/?] y
409  support over 4GB disks (FDISK_SUPPORT_LARGE_DISKS) [Y/?] y
410  Write support (FEATURE_FDISK_WRITABLE) [Y/n/?] y
411    Support AIX disklabels (FEATURE_AIX_LABEL) [N/y/?] n
412    Support SGI disklabels (FEATURE_SGI_LABEL) [N/y/?] n
413    Support SUN disklabels (FEATURE_SUN_LABEL) [N/y/?] n
414    Support BSD disklabels (FEATURE_OSF_LABEL) [N/y/?] n
415    Support expert mode (FEATURE_FDISK_ADVANCED) [Y/n/?] y
416freeramdisk (FREERAMDISK) [Y/n/?] y
417fsck_minix (FSCK_MINIX) [Y/n/?] y
418mkfs_minix (MKFS_MINIX) [Y/n/?] y
419  *
420  * Minix filesystem support
421  *
422  Support Minix fs v2 (fsck_minix/mkfs_minix) (FEATURE_MINIX2) [Y/n/?] y
423getopt (GETOPT) [Y/n/?] y
424hexdump (HEXDUMP) [Y/n/?] y
425hwclock (HWCLOCK) [Y/n/?] y
426  Support long options (--hctosys,...) (FEATURE_HWCLOCK_LONG_OPTIONS) [Y/n/?] y
427  Use FHS /var/lib/hwclock/adjtime (FEATURE_HWCLOCK_ADJTIME_FHS) [Y/n/?] y
428ipcrm (IPCRM) [Y/n/?] y
429ipcs (IPCS) [Y/n/?] y
430losetup (LOSETUP) [Y/n/?] y
431mdev (MDEV) [Y/n/?] y
432  Support /etc/mdev.conf (FEATURE_MDEV_CONF) [Y/n/?] y
433    Support command execution at device addition/removal (FEATURE_MDEV_EXEC) [Y/n/?] y
434  Support loading of firmwares (FEATURE_MDEV_LOAD_FIRMWARE) [Y/n/?] y
435mkswap (MKSWAP) [Y/n/?] y
436  version 0 support (FEATURE_MKSWAP_V0) [Y/n/?] y
437more (MORE) [Y/n/?] y
438  Use termios to manipulate the screen (FEATURE_USE_TERMIOS) [Y/n/?] y
439mount (MOUNT) [Y/n/?] y
440  Support mounting NFS file systems (FEATURE_MOUNT_NFS) [Y/n/?] y
441  Support mounting CIFS/SMB file systems (FEATURE_MOUNT_CIFS) [Y/n/?] y
442  Support lots of -o flags in mount (FEATURE_MOUNT_FLAGS) [Y/n/?] y
443  Support /etc/fstab and -a (FEATURE_MOUNT_FSTAB) [Y/n/?] y
444pivot_root (PIVOT_ROOT) [Y/n/?] y
445rdate (RDATE) [Y/n/?] y
446readprofile (READPROFILE) [Y/n/?] y
447setarch (SETARCH) [Y/n/?] y
448swaponoff (SWAPONOFF) [Y/n/?] y
449switch_root (SWITCH_ROOT) [Y/n/?] y
450umount (UMOUNT) [Y/n/?] y
451  umount -a option (FEATURE_UMOUNT_ALL) [Y/n/?] y
452  *
453  * Common options for mount/umount
454  *
455  Support loopback mounts (FEATURE_MOUNT_LOOP) [Y/n/?] y
456  Support for the old /etc/mtab file (FEATURE_MTAB_SUPPORT) [N/y/?] n
458* Miscellaneous Utilities
460adjtimex (ADJTIMEX) [Y/n/?] y
461bbconfig (BBCONFIG) [N/y/?] n
462chrt (CHRT) [Y/n/?] y
463crond (CROND) [Y/n/?] y
464  Support debug option -d (DEBUG_CROND_OPTION) [N/y/?] n
465  Using /usr/sbin/sendmail? (FEATURE_CROND_CALL_SENDMAIL) [Y/n/?] y
466crontab (CRONTAB) [Y/n/?] y
467dc (DC) [Y/n/?] y
468devfsd (obsolete) (DEVFSD) [N/y/?] n
469  Use devfs names for all devices (obsolete) (FEATURE_DEVFS) [N/y/?] n
470eject (EJECT) [Y/n/?] y
471last (LAST) [Y/n/?] y
472less (LESS) [Y/n/?] y
473  Max number of input lines less will try to eat (FEATURE_LESS_MAXLINES) [9999999] 9999999
474  Enable bracket searching (FEATURE_LESS_BRACKETS) [Y/n/?] y
475  Enable extra flags (FEATURE_LESS_FLAGS) [Y/n/?] y
476  Enable flag changes (FEATURE_LESS_FLAGCS) [Y/n/?] y
477  Enable marks (FEATURE_LESS_MARKS) [Y/n/?] y
478  Enable regular expressions (FEATURE_LESS_REGEXP) [Y/n/?] y
479hdparm (HDPARM) [Y/n/?] y
480  Support obtaining detailed information directly from drives (FEATURE_HDPARM_GET_IDENTITY) [Y/n/?] y
481  Register an IDE interface (DANGEROUS) (FEATURE_HDPARM_HDIO_SCAN_HWIF) [Y/n/?] y
482  Un-register an IDE interface (DANGEROUS) (FEATURE_HDPARM_HDIO_UNREGISTER_HWIF) [Y/n/?] y
483  perform device reset (DANGEROUS) (FEATURE_HDPARM_HDIO_DRIVE_RESET) [Y/n/?] y
484  tristate device for hotswap (DANGEROUS) (FEATURE_HDPARM_HDIO_TRISTATE_HWIF) [Y/n/?] y
485  get/set using_dma flag (DANGEROUS) (FEATURE_HDPARM_HDIO_GETSET_DMA) [Y/n/?] y
486makedevs (MAKEDEVS) [Y/n/?] y
487  Choose makedevs behaviour
488    1. leaf (FEATURE_MAKEDEVS_LEAF)
489  > 2. table (FEATURE_MAKEDEVS_TABLE)
490  choice[1-2]: 2
491mountpoint (MOUNTPOINT) [Y/n/?] y
492mt (MT) [Y/n/?] y
493raidautorun (RAIDAUTORUN) [Y/n/?] y
494readahead (READAHEAD) [Y/n/?] y
495runlevel (RUNLEVEL) [Y/n/?] y
496rx (RX) [Y/n/?] y
497strings (STRINGS) [Y/n/?] y
498setsid (SETSID) [Y/n/?] y
499taskset (TASKSET) [Y/n/?] y
500  fancy output (FEATURE_TASKSET_FANCY) [Y/n/?] y
501time (TIME) [Y/n/?] y
502ttysize (TTYSIZE) [Y/n/?] y
503watchdog (WATCHDOG) [Y/n/?] y
505* Networking Utilities
507Enable IPv6 support (FEATURE_IPV6) [Y/n/?] y
508Verbose resolution errors (VERBOSE_RESOLUTION_ERRORS) [N/y/?] n
509arp (ARP) [Y/n/?] y
510arping (ARPING) [Y/n/?] y
511dnsd (DNSD) [Y/n/?] y
512ether-wake (ETHER_WAKE) [Y/n/?] y
513fakeidentd (FAKEIDENTD) [Y/n/?] y
514ftpget (FTPGET) [Y/n/?] y
515ftpput (FTPPUT) [Y/n/?] y
516  Enable long options in ftpget/ftpput (FEATURE_FTPGETPUT_LONG_OPTIONS) [Y/n/?] y
517hostname (HOSTNAME) [Y/n/?] y
518httpd (HTTPD) [Y/n/?] y
519  Use sendfile system call (FEATURE_HTTPD_USE_SENDFILE) [Y/n/?] y
520  Support reloading the global config file using hup signal (FEATURE_HTTPD_RELOAD_CONFIG_SIGHUP) [N/y/?] n
521  Enable -u <user> option (FEATURE_HTTPD_SETUID) [N/y/?] n
522  Enable Basic http Authentication (FEATURE_HTTPD_BASIC_AUTH) [Y/n/?] y
523    Support MD5 crypted passwords for http Authentication (FEATURE_HTTPD_AUTH_MD5) [Y/n/?] y
524  Support loading additional MIME types at run-time (FEATURE_HTTPD_CONFIG_WITH_MIME_TYPES) [Y/n/?] y
525  Support Common Gateway Interface (CGI) (FEATURE_HTTPD_CGI) [Y/n/?] y
526    Enable support for running scripts through an interpreter (FEATURE_HTTPD_CONFIG_WITH_SCRIPT_INTERPR) [Y/n/?] y
527    Support the REMOTE_PORT environment variable for CGI (FEATURE_HTTPD_SET_REMOTE_PORT_TO_ENV) [Y/n/?] y
528  Enable the -e option for shell script CGI simplification. (FEATURE_HTTPD_ENCODE_URL_STR) [Y/n/?] y
529  Enable support for custom error pages (FEATURE_HTTPD_ERROR_PAGES) [Y/n/?] y
530ifconfig (IFCONFIG) [Y/n/?] y
531  Enable status reporting output (+7k) (FEATURE_IFCONFIG_STATUS) [Y/n/?] y
532  Enable slip-specific options "keepalive" and "outfill" (FEATURE_IFCONFIG_SLIP) [Y/n/?] y
533  Enable options "mem_start", "io_addr", and "irq" (FEATURE_IFCONFIG_MEMSTART_IOADDR_IRQ) [Y/n/?] y
534  Enable option "hw" (ether only) (FEATURE_IFCONFIG_HW) [Y/n/?] y
535  Set the broadcast automatically (FEATURE_IFCONFIG_BROADCAST_PLUS) [Y/n/?] y
536ifupdown (IFUPDOWN) [Y/n/?] y
537Absolute path to ifstate file (IFUPDOWN_IFSTATE_PATH) [/var/run/ifstate] /var/run/ifstate
538Use ip applet (FEATURE_IFUPDOWN_IP) [Y/n/?] y
539  Use busybox ip applet (FEATURE_IFUPDOWN_IP_BUILTIN) [Y/n/?] y
540Enable support for IPv4 (FEATURE_IFUPDOWN_IPV4) [Y/n/?] y
541Enable support for IPv6 (FEATURE_IFUPDOWN_IPV6) [Y/n/?] y
542Enable mapping support (FEATURE_IFUPDOWN_MAPPING) [Y/n/?] y
543Enable support for external dhcp clients (FEATURE_IFUPDOWN_EXTERNAL_DHCP) [N/y/?] n
544inetd (INETD) [Y/n/?] y
545  Support echo service (FEATURE_INETD_SUPPORT_BUILTIN_ECHO) [Y/n/?] y
546  Support discard service (FEATURE_INETD_SUPPORT_BUILTIN_DISCARD) [Y/n/?] y
547  Support time service (FEATURE_INETD_SUPPORT_BUILTIN_TIME) [Y/n/?] y
548  Support daytime service (FEATURE_INETD_SUPPORT_BUILTIN_DAYTIME) [Y/n/?] y
549  Support chargen service (FEATURE_INETD_SUPPORT_BUILTIN_CHARGEN) [Y/n/?] y
550  Support RPC services (FEATURE_INETD_RPC) [N/y/?] n
551ip (IP) [Y/?] y
552  ip address (FEATURE_IP_ADDRESS) [Y/?] y
553  ip link (FEATURE_IP_LINK) [Y/?] y
554  ip route (FEATURE_IP_ROUTE) [Y/?] y
555  ip tunnel (FEATURE_IP_TUNNEL) [Y/n/?] y
556  ip rule (FEATURE_IP_RULE) [Y/n/?] y
557  Support short forms of ip commands. (FEATURE_IP_SHORT_FORMS) [Y/n/?] y
558ipcalc (IPCALC) [Y/n/?] y
559  Fancy IPCALC, more options, adds 1 kbyte (FEATURE_IPCALC_FANCY) [Y/n/?] y
560  Enable long options (FEATURE_IPCALC_LONG_OPTIONS) [Y/n/?] y
561nameif (NAMEIF) [Y/n/?] y
562nc (NC) [Y/n/?] y
563  Netcat server options (-l) (NC_SERVER) [Y/n/?] y
564  Netcat extensions (-eiw and filename) (NC_EXTRA) [Y/n/?] y
565netstat (NETSTAT) [Y/n/?] y
566    Enable wide netstat output (FEATURE_NETSTAT_WIDE) [Y/n/?] y
567nslookup (NSLOOKUP) [Y/n/?] y
568ping (PING) [Y/n/?] y
569  ping6 (PING6) [Y/n/?] y
570pscan (PSCAN) [Y/n/?] y
571Enable fancy ping output (FEATURE_FANCY_PING) [Y/n/?] y
572route (ROUTE) [Y/n/?] y
573slattach (SLATTACH) [Y/n/?] y
574telnet (TELNET) [Y/n/?] y
575  Pass TERM type to remote host (FEATURE_TELNET_TTYPE) [Y/n/?] y
576  Pass USER type to remote host (FEATURE_TELNET_AUTOLOGIN) [Y/n/?] y
577telnetd (TELNETD) [Y/n/?] y
578  Support standalone telnetd (not inetd only) (FEATURE_TELNETD_STANDALONE) [Y/n/?] y
579tftp (TFTP) [Y/n/?] y
580  Enable "get" command (FEATURE_TFTP_GET) [Y/n/?] y
581  Enable "put" command (FEATURE_TFTP_PUT) [Y/n/?] y
582  Enable "blocksize" command (FEATURE_TFTP_BLOCKSIZE) [Y/n/?] y
583  Enable debug (DEBUG_TFTP) [N/y/?] n
584traceroute (TRACEROUTE) [Y/n/?] y
585  Enable verbose output (FEATURE_TRACEROUTE_VERBOSE) [N/y/?] n
586  Enable loose source route (FEATURE_TRACEROUTE_SOURCE_ROUTE) [N/y/?] n
587  Use ICMP instead of UDP (FEATURE_TRACEROUTE_USE_ICMP) [N/y/?] n
588udhcp Server (udhcpd) (APP_UDHCPD) [Y/n/?] y
589  dhcprelay (APP_DHCPRELAY) [Y/n/?] y
590  Lease display utility (dumpleases) (APP_DUMPLEASES) [Y/n/?] y
591  Rewrite the lease file at every new acknowledge (FEATURE_UDHCPD_WRITE_LEASES_EARLY) [Y/n/?] y
592udhcp Client (udhcpc) (APP_UDHCPC) [Y/n/?] y
593  Compile udhcp with noisy debugging messages (FEATURE_UDHCP_DEBUG) [N/y/?] n
594  Support for RFC3397 domain search (experimental) (FEATURE_RFC3397) [Y/n/?] y
595vconfig (VCONFIG) [Y/n/?] y
596wget (WGET) [Y/n/?] y
597  Enable a nifty process meter (+2k) (FEATURE_WGET_STATUSBAR) [Y/n/?] y
598  Enable HTTP authentication (FEATURE_WGET_AUTHENTICATION) [Y/n/?] y
599  Enable long options (FEATURE_WGET_LONG_OPTIONS) [Y/n/?] y
600zcip (ZCIP) [Y/n/?] y
602* Process Utilities
604free (FREE) [Y/n/?] y
605fuser (FUSER) [Y/n/?] y
606kill (KILL) [Y/n/?] y
607  killall (KILLALL) [Y/n/?] y
608  killall5 (KILLALL5) [Y/n] y
609nmeter (NMETER) [Y/n/?] y
610pidof (PIDOF) [Y/n/?] y
611  Enable argument for single shot (-s) (FEATURE_PIDOF_SINGLE) [Y/n/?] y
612  Enable argument for omitting pids (-o) (FEATURE_PIDOF_OMIT) [Y/n/?] y
613ps (PS) [Y/n/?] y
614  Enable argument for wide output (-w) (FEATURE_PS_WIDE) [Y/n/?] y
615renice (RENICE) [Y/n/?] y
616sysctl (BB_SYSCTL) [Y/n/?] y
617top (TOP) [Y/n/?] y
618  Show CPU per-process usage percentage (adds 2k bytes) (FEATURE_TOP_CPU_USAGE_PERCENTAGE) [Y/n/?] y
619    Show CPU global usage percentage (adds 0.5k bytes) (FEATURE_TOP_CPU_GLOBAL_PERCENTS) [Y/n/?] y
620    Show 1/10th of a percent in CPU/mem statistics (adds 0.3k bytes) (FEATURE_TOP_DECIMALS) [N/y/?] n
621uptime (UPTIME) [Y/n/?] y
622watch (WATCH) [Y/n/?] y
624* Shells
626Choose your default shell
627> 1. ash (FEATURE_SH_IS_ASH)
628  2. hush (FEATURE_SH_IS_HUSH)
629  3. lash (FEATURE_SH_IS_LASH)
630  4. msh (FEATURE_SH_IS_MSH)
631  5. none (FEATURE_SH_IS_NONE)
632choice[1-5?]: 1
633ash (ASH) [Y/?] y
634  *
635  * Ash Shell Options
636  *
637  Job control (ASH_JOB_CONTROL) [Y/n/?] y
638  'read -n N' and 'read -s' support (ASH_READ_NCHARS) [Y/n/?] y
639  'read -t S' support. (ASH_READ_TIMEOUT) [Y/n/?] y
640  alias support (ASH_ALIAS) [N/y/?] n
641  Posix math support (ASH_MATH_SUPPORT) [Y/n/?] y
642    Extend Posix math support to 64 bit (ASH_MATH_SUPPORT_64) [Y/n/?] y
643  Builtin getopt to parse positional parameters (ASH_GETOPTS) [N/y/?] n
644  Builtin version of 'echo' (ASH_BUILTIN_ECHO) [Y/n/?] y
645  Builtin version of 'test' (ASH_BUILTIN_TEST) [Y/n/?] y
646  'command' command to override shell builtins (ASH_CMDCMD) [Y/n/?] y
647  Check for new mail on interactive shells (ASH_MAIL) [N/y/?] n
648  Optimize for size instead of speed (ASH_OPTIMIZE_FOR_SIZE) [Y/n/?] y
649  Pseudorandom generator and variable $RANDOM (ASH_RANDOM_SUPPORT) [Y/n/?] y
650  Expand prompt string (ASH_EXPAND_PRMT) [N/y/?] n
651hush (HUSH) [N/y/?] n
652lash (LASH) [N/y/?] n
653msh (MSH) [N/y/?] n
654  *
655  * Bourne Shell Options
656  *
657  Hide message on interactive shell startup (FEATURE_SH_EXTRA_QUIET) [Y/n/?] y
658cttyhack (CTTYHACK) [N/y/?] n
660* System Logging Utilities
662syslogd (SYSLOGD) [Y/n/?] y
663  Rotate message files (FEATURE_ROTATE_LOGFILE) [Y/n/?] y
664  Remote Log support (FEATURE_REMOTE_LOG) [Y/n/?] y
665  Circular Buffer support (FEATURE_IPC_SYSLOG) [Y/n/?] y
666        Circular buffer size in Kbytes (minimum 4KB) (FEATURE_IPC_SYSLOG_BUFFER_SIZE) [16] 16
667    logread (LOGREAD) [Y/n/?] y
668      logread double buffering (FEATURE_LOGREAD_REDUCED_LOCKING) [Y/n/?] y
669klogd (KLOGD) [Y/n/?] y
670logger (LOGGER) [Y/n/?] y
672* Runit Utilities
674runsv (RUNSV) [Y/n/?] y
675runsvdir (RUNSVDIR) [Y/n/?] y
676sv (SV) [Y/n/?] y
677svlogd (SVLOGD) [Y/n/?] y
678chpst (CHPST) [Y/n/?] y
679setuidgid (SETUIDGID) [Y/n/?] y
680envuidgid (ENVUIDGID) [Y/n/?] y
681envdir (ENVDIR) [Y/n/?] y
682softlimit (SOFTLIMIT) [Y/n/?] y
684* ipsvd utilities
686tcpsvd (TCPSVD) [Y/n/?] y
687udpsvd (UDPSVD) [Y/n/?] y